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Nightlife of students

Published by Karolina Kreegimäe — 4 years ago

It is a cool place where to go on Friday evenings. You can always be sure that you will see all your energetic Erasmus friends and also meet new amazing people. Organizer of the events for Erasmus students is very fun and outgoing mister. He is more than happy to talk with all the visitors and also have a drink with them.

Talking about drinks, shots are very cheap. If you go early enough, which means before 10 o'clock you can be sure that you can enter for free. If you go little bit too early they will allow you to drink free beer and tinto de verano (tasty Spanish wine with lemonade). For one and half hour as much as you want.

Night will end at 6'o clock in the morning, but it will continue in the small square that is in front of the club. I don't recommend you to live very near there. But on the other hand the club is located in a very good place at the center of the city and living near to your favorite party place is not bad idea at all.

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