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Irish pub- Hanningan & Sons

Published by Patricia Ioana — 4 years ago

We are talking about an Irish pub close to Plaza Nueva in Granada. If you want to enjoy a unique place, with good music and diverse drinks you should stop someday at Hanningan & Sons.

  1. I was impressed by the music I listened there: Madonna, ABBA, Michael Jackson and others. It was not too loud or too down, we could sing together and nobody had any problem with it. A group of teenagers from London made a karaoke competition mixed with a new application: you have to sing what the phone shows you and your colleagues must guess the song. It was pretty awesome!
  2. They have a lot of beer assortment! For example: Magners, Judas, Erdinger, Heineken, Sol or Budweiser.
  3. They serve you very quickly! Only 6 minutes after we arrived, our beers were on our table. This place is famous for their football matches nights, as when this sport is played, it is very well organised so that everybody in the pub can watch it on the TV.
  4. It is an Irish Pub, in every big country there must be at least one, so you surely know how it feels to be in one, to be surrounded by good people with good taste in drinks, food or design.

You will enjoy that place as much as I did!

For more information check: Hannigan And Sons

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