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Mae West

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Mae West Nightclub Granada

Mae West Granada

You've come to Granada, either for Erasmus or for a weekend break and you're desperately looking for a place to enjoy the night. Where can you go? I think Mae West nightclub is your best option.

It is said to be Granada's best nightclub; I have been and I can say it is pretty good, although I can't be sure that it is the best one because I still haven't been to many others to make strong comparisons, but it does seem to be the best initially.

It has different rooms, boxes for reservations and a garden terrace. Each of the rooms has a different type of music, you already know, some with commercial music, reggaeton, electronic... to be honest, I don't understand electronic music but people have told me that it isn't "good electronic" but a more commercial type of electronic, however those of you who truly understand electronic will have to rate it for yourselves. In terms of the other music, when I went there they played a bit of everything, which is always a good thing. At the end of the night when they play tunes from Estopa, Raphael o things like that, you will have a great laugh with your friends, singing and giving it your all! Hahaha

Photo of the terrace:

Mae West Nightclub Granada


Besides a nightclub, it is common for Mae West to host music shows, dance shows and even monologues. They also usually do big events on holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and so on.

Mae West Nightclub Granada


Entrance costs around €10-€13, although it depends on the day and time that you go. Unfortunately boys nearly never have the chance for free entry, but you never know, maybe you could get lucky one day. Girls always pay too if you go late, however surely they have more chances to get free entry. Normally entry comes with free drinks, 1 or 2, depending on the time you enter the club. An extra drink costs €6-€7, if I remember correctly.

Some good advice that I will give you guys, is to drink your entry drinks before closing hour approaches. There comes a certain time that the bartenders give up on making your drink and you end up keeping your drink ticket in your hand and looking a bit silly. The tickets have dates on them so you can't even re-use them on another day.

For those of you who hate going to places with too many people and being overwhelmed, I have to let you know that the upstairs rooms don't usually have so many people and you can be more comfortable there.

Generally, people get quite dressed up. If it is night time, it's better to go well dressed up, otherwise they could reject your entry. There are cloakrooms (€1).

Even though I keep talking about the nightclub itself, lets not forget that it is at the end of the day, a cocktail bar. In the sense that if one day, you don't want to go out to party and you would rather just get a drink and chat with your friends, you can go in the early evening, sit down and enjoy the incredible decoration of it's indoor rooms or terrace area.


Before there was an area made for parties in Granada, but sadly they closed it, which means now you have to do it in a house, or organise yourselves well to do it in the streets (you could be fined). Another possibility is to drink a bit at home and then continue the drinking in bars on Calle Pedro Antonio de Alarcón (they are so good).

Another option is to go to any pubs for which you pay entry (€5 max. ) and they allow you to bring your own booze (Qubik is one of them).

I must say that the times that I went, I had a good time and without a doubt I recommend this place for partying, however if you don't want to spend a lot of money, there are always different options such as bars or doing shots!

I hope this post is helpful and that you enjoy Granada. I am in love with the city!


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