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Kebab King

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Kebab King

Translated by Aamena Manga — one year ago

Original text by Patricia Ioana

What is it about this time?

The time to talk about the type of food which with difference is repeated most in Granada after tapas places of course. I am talking about something that was already key to explain, the how they function here, how are the places in which they sell the famous kebab. In this case from the most well-known as they already have a few open, I will talk of Kebab King (no. 1 like they themselves call it for being the first that opened in the city and that later would join to another of the same brand).

Where can we find this place?

On the Calle Reyes Católicos, of which we have already surely read if not on other pages, in another article of the one who is currently writing. It is found in the central area, close to many plazas like the one of Isabel la Católica, Plaza Nueva or simply Puerta Real, next to Burger King (which we always have in mind at the time of situating something in the mental map of the city in which we find ourselves). In this case, it will be number 46, on the end, with the post code 18010; this number being the one which is found closest to Plaza Nueva than the other aforementioned places, also less than a minute from a street infinitely pronounced as is the Gran Via de Colón (how it’s obvious that this is the area I principally control and for that is the one I speak of the most)

If someone still does not know how to get there, here I leave firstly, the link in google maps for the most lost or those who want extra security when making their way to Kebab King:,-3.596759,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xcc17bdb02befd7c9

What is the simplest way to get to what you are explaining to me?

Again, like everything in this area, that if you have read the article of Seis Peniques (Six Pence), I told you that Kebab King can be found five minutes walking from there, so everything said for that will serve here but with something particular.

Firstly, the best way is walking, we all already know, that in that area and practically in most of those in Granada, it is complicated to park without getting fined and without there being a blue zone, so if you really need to drive, the best is to leave it in a conflict free zone, which in this case, the closest will be somewhere further than the Plaza del Triunfo or well, towards the bottom if you prefer the area of Recogidas and the rest, then you will find yourself next to the Mae West nightclub, a twenty minute walk away.

If you do not like complications, you do well and you can catch a bus which drops you at Gran Via, of which there are many and from there you can’t get lost when going to Kebab King, as once you get off at the first stop that you find on immediately reaching the street, looking towards the right once you are at the bottom, and when you reach at the start of the street, thirty seconds from the mentioned stop, turn towards the left and there you will have it, a few meters from where you are.

The bicycle in this case, well you’ll have to leave it on the sidewalk, which can become a problem if the police comes up to you as it is an area with a lot of walking traffic and it can always end up becoming an annoyance; although they are not very fussy about these and perhaps the most probable thing is that they overlook it.

What timetables are available and what days can we find it open?

The timetable is very broad, having two different types depending on the day itself that you find yourself there. You can find it on their website and on all the flyers they give you on the street, and I will leave you the link here if you want to visit it:

Equally, I will write a small summary right here so that everything is very clear:

1º Monday to Thursday: from 10 in the morning until 2 in the morning, without an interrupted timetable. It lets you not have to rush in any moment and be able to enjoy their kebabs so much, for what they are so famous for and everything else that you like from the menu.

2º Friday to Saturday: From 10 in the morning until 3 in the morning. They give you an extra hour for the fact that it is the weekend, the people go out more and there is a greater influx of people. I do not see much sense in the fact of closing at 3 in the morning, due to having nightclubs close by like Granero or Aliatar, theirs should be closing later than these, for that everything that finishes, the only option that they have and on top of that is that it is closer to your own place; but anyway, everyone will know what they do with their business policy and I am nobody to criticize it (well yes, a customer).

3º Sundays: It returns to the traditional timetable of 10 in the morning until 2 in the morning, as for them a Sunday is like another working day, and they don’t do changes of timetable for it.

Can you physically describe the place to me?

From the outside, you will go on seeing numerous tables and white chairs which tell you that something is cooking in there somehow. It’s smell of meat, of kebab meat is recognisable from many metres in distance and its legendary logo something copied from Burger King will let you know already that without a doubt that you find yourself in Kebab King, in the king of the kebabs like they call themselves and it’s not for nothing seeing their facilities which are enormous. And that you start to see once you enter through its wide doors, like the tables which are so many that you can’t count how many, due to which seeing it completely full is exceedingly complicated.

The key is that if the weather is good, you stay outside in the sun, seeing how for every minute that goes by, dozens and dozens of people have passed by you. A busy street and this always has its pros and cons depending on the person that you are and your desire to cross with many others. The white predominates and they always have it clean and impeccable so that you feel like the first customer that comes in every day. The fact that they have home delivery with a minimum order that later I will explain that you don’t have to pay; makes the fact more typical that people order things and take them home, that the opposite is to go to the place and put yourself there to eat in the middle. Equally rare would be the day you do not see any people inside their not liking the kebab, the chips, the chicken or whatever else they may be eating.

At the back, right at the back as the place is very big, you will find the bathrooms which are never bad if the occasion arises. Towards the right will be the man who serves you and the large bar of kebab meat to get the most out of it and give you exactly what you want in a favourable way that you can’t not like.

What atmosphere is available at the place in terms of the number and type of people?

The number like you can understand from the previous lines, not because it may be the most normal for being one of the best, instead it is the best kebab I have tasted in the city. Furthermore, the prices are good like I will tell you later on, and the area in which it is located is perfect, being in between various legendary plazas that tourists and nationals don’t stop visiting.

But clearly, all of this has an answer and the thing is that a minute or two from there, in one of the streets there are lots of tapas bars which are of quality and accessible prices, I am talking of the Calle Elvira and due to that it has an extremely strong direct competition. If we add that the product of the mythical kebab itself has bad fame, supposedly from the origin of the meat, the number of calories or any story of this type, and consequently you will understand the unwillingness regarding trying this type of food.

It is for all of the above, that as normal as it is to eat there, or well the youngsters after a party, or simply because there is a day where they like to, or the opposite, the tourists which tramp around the streets of Granada and because of the good smell of the kebab that must tempt them, they do not have another option but to enter or try one of the dozens of products that they offer.

What do they offer to us generally and above all, what is particularly the best?

Generally speaking it is logical that it centers in the selling of kebabs, although this is not the only dish they offer, instead they also have falafel which would be 100% vegetarian, and the truth is that it surprised me the first time I tried it, because made from a base of vegetables and chickpeas, it has a flavour that many foods made of meat and fish would want.

Furthermore, it is necessary to add to what’s already been mentioned, that they also make Turkish pizzas, with salad, to choose between chicken or beef and they add chips. If it were less, the typical portion of chips with the salsa that you fancy or a salad, they cannot be overlooked in the supposed king of the kebabs, as its name indicates. You can add chicken to the salad and the chips, both of which have a very good size and for fast food lovers, it definitely pleases.

As for the particular, I have tried something other than a kebab and the truth is that I have liked it a lot. Amongst my favorites I stick with the following, this time in order of preference, with my preferred in first place going down to others I like less:

1º Egg kebab with chips: a small bargain that they put a perfectly fried egg there in the middle of the meat of the kebab that you like, again with the salsa that you prefer and of course as cooked or not to your taste. If you add the chips that they put inside to it also to make everything even more tasty and being as big as it is, seeming like it’s going to explode, the better (above all better for your health, yes, definitely sure)

2º Beef kebab with cheese: I don’t know what class of beef it is, nor the type of cheese, but I only know that when I tried it I told myself that I would order it many more times. How is it possible that I don’t like neither beef nor cheese so much and on tasting it I feel like I should order it many more times? I don’t know if this sensation is wholly good or not, I only transmit what I thought when I put it in my mouth and that surely, I wasn’t the only one who this happened to.

3º Chicken Nuggets with chips: they seem simple, but they make them to this ideal point to which a normal and general dish becomes a good plate. Logically nothing further than the reality, but listen, when you get into the smell of some nuggets, they are mention worthy.

4º Falafel: Made like I said with vegetables and chickpeas, its taste will not leave you indifferent. This typical product which you won’t try again or that makes you not order a kebab again, due to its good taste in spite of your bad omens for not having any meat. The percentage of it is the least, because its flavour does not fail.

Adding to the particularities, that the home delivery is free with orders over 8 euros, which is not too complicated to reach when I tell you the prices now because normally if you order this type of food, it is because you have met up with an interesting group of Friends and you have decided to move on a little from healthy food.

Hey, but… What about the prices?

Well starting with the simple chicken kebab for three euros, which inside what it fits is a good price, nothing raised to be the king of the kebabs and for being in one of the fabulous areas, a ripoff referring to the prices (in another sense, I do not control it). And it’s just that if you have a coffee in Plaza Nueva, two minutes from the Kebab, you know they are going to charge you more than two euros even closing in to this price of the kebab, due to which if you pay only three euros for a more than filling kebab, it is very good.

Now if you want to add other things to it, for example cheese, egg or chips, then it’s price logically increases and can reach four euros when you combine everything (which again is perfect). For example so that it is clear, the lamb or beef plus eggs and chips would be a scarce four euros.

If you want it mixed with various meats the price will always be 3. 50 euros like for example the chicken and the beef or lamb, but the exception that you will pay five euros in total for is the Kebab King, which is the exquisiteness of the house, made of chicken, beef, egg, cheese and chips, that is to say, adding absolutely everything to it for trying something that perhaps you have never tried before. Spectacular.

The falafel depending on what you order it with will cost either three euros like the normal; equal to the pitas with tuna, cheese and humus; or if you add egg and cheese or other products, the price will reach 3. 50 euros.

Furthermore, having the possibility of the portions, saying that the chips would cost you two euros, if you add chicken, 3. 50 and if its chicken with salad it would reach 4. 50 euros. Lastly, the Turkish pizza would be 4. 50 euros also; seeing that all the prices are all worthwhile and economic.

Would you recommend it for another occasion?

I do not any doubts that if I had to choose a kebab place to eat in in Granada, it would be Kebab King, so my congratulations for its taste, quantity and price and I recommend it to everyone that at least in Kebab King number 1, the food is excellent.

Whom is this place in the city thought for?

Normally it will be the young who eat these types of products and I do not see many people who are already in their forties and less Spanish people that go to a kebab place to eat. The bad fame around that they are not healthy, make it that exactly those people who not care much for these things, are those who go there and end up eating them.

And after having visited it… what places would you recommend to me now?

Well the possibilities are plenty, being near nightclubs like Granero, Boom Boom Room or Aliatar, pubs like the Bronx or the Patapalo, and bars that can be counted by the dozen. You will also have cafeterias close and ice cream parlours and even the river Darro to go for a walk and admire the views from there. For colourful tastes and that each person chooses what he desires most in every moment.

Evaluation from one to ten and reasons?

I give it a 7. Notable for being the best kebab I have tasted in the city, but I cannot give it more having so many possibilities regarding food in the area and generally in the whole city, which is why I would be overrating them and underrating others; and the scale is over 10. I liked what I ate there and every time I ate there but it should not be forgotten that the food that we eat is what we become, which is why take care of your health and everything will go better for you in life.


For once in a while, it is the perfect product and that on top of it they bring it to you at home from eight euros with no extra charge and on top of that you do not spend more than give euros in having perfectly prepared and filling dinner. The yoghurt salsa is really good and you can equally order another one that occurs to you and that you like a lot. Close to many interesting and known places, Kebab King is situated in the perfect place to eat and then move around the area.

Kebab King

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