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Los Cármenes

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Federico García Lorca Park

Translated by Helen Hardy — 4 years ago

Original text by Alba Pilar Fernández

Hi again Antonio!

As promised, here's a short review of this park, along with some photos - only some of the ducks though, since I couldn't find any others searching through my computer which would show you something of this relatively large park.

If you find yourself nearby and you like green open spaces, then you'll love this park, although I have to admit that it's not like it was before. It's more neglected now, since more and more people are beginning to enjoy visiting this nature area, walking along the peaceful paths and coming to feed the ducks, and some of its magic has been lost.

It's a huge park, clearly divided into different areas, although they're mostly all the same: pathways mixed with rectangular gardens and lawns surrounded by trees and rose bushes.

However, I'm going to describe the different areas and you can see if you like the sound of any of them. Here are some photos of the duck pond. After crossing a little bridge, you arrive at a kind of stage area with columns which you can stand on to watch the ducks and feed them from different angles.

Federico García Lorca Park

Federico García Lorca Park

There are also exercise areas, as can be found in other parks, with various machines for doing simple exercises on. Lots of people go running in this park, and so many of them stop here to use these machines.

Near the duck pond is what looks like a beach bar, since it's a wooden hut and all its seating is outside. The last time I went there it wasn't open, but it should without a doubt be open now since there's a nice atmosphere in the area they tend to make the most of.

Then there are swing areas with mini zip-lines and other equipment for younger visitors to enjoy, and beside this there is another terraced bar, also with indoor seating.

Around here you may also come across the Federica García Lorca museum, which if I remember rightly costs 3 euros to visit.

I hope my scattered memories have helped give you a rough idea of what this park is like.

Bye for now, and good luck!

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