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  • Los Cahorros Monachil

    Cahorros Monachil, nature in its raw state What is it? Monachil is a small village a few minutes from the centre of Grenada. The scenery there is much more natural than in the centre of town. The paths are even more empty and the mountains even higher. What is there to...

    0 by Ellen, 3 years ago
  • Mirador San Miguel Alto

    My first encounter with Grenada I arrived in Grenada that day and I strolled around the city to discover it a bit more. It was in the middle of the Plaza Nueva that I met Pedro, a team leader for an organisation that welcomes exchange students. Three Erasmus students...

    0 by Isobel, 3 years ago
  • Los Cármenes

    I wanted to give you a brief summary of Los Cármenes. They could be described as "typical gardens" of Granada. source On the way to the Alhambra, we find this area that is characterised by its cobbled streets, white houses, its high location in Granada, its always...

    0 by Kate, 4 years ago
  • Granada, Spain

    Granada is a famous city in the southern part of Spain. Granada is located in a beautiful surrounding which consist with rivers and small hills. City is well famous among tourists due to the fact, The Alhambra, which is a Moorish citadel and palace. Apart from Alhambra...

    0 by Crazy, 5 years ago
  • Los Cahorros of Monachil

    For nature lovers, I would recommend going to Los Cahorros of Monachil. Located around 30 minutes from Granada and accessible by the 183 bus, Los Cahorros is the ideal place for a picnic and a walk. This place offers a magnificent view of the mountain reliefs and the...

    0 by Anonymous, 5 years ago
  • 'Delengua' School

    When I arrived at Delengua, just 18 years old and having recently acquired my bac, I had 5 years of Spanish but could barely speak two sentences in a row, and rarely understood the answer... I had two wonderful weeks, which went by so quickly that I felt like I had just...

    0 by Will, 5 years ago
  • The Alhambra

    My admiration for this wonderful place started a long time ago, but in September 2014 it really deepened. As I was traveling to Granada on my first Erasmus trip, I could not imagine how much I would fall in love with it. Even though for this first visit, the weather was...

    0 by Miriam, 6 years ago
  • Granada

    WHY I'M WRITING THIS ARTICLE This article deals with my trip to Granada in September and is dedicated to a person that takes a special place in my heart. Early September. 35 degrees. Madrid. Let's start the adventure. At the beginning, I thought that this trip would be...

    0 by Silvia , 6 years ago
  • Mirador de San Nicolás, Alhambra viewpoint

    The Mirador de San Nicolás, the most famous viewpoint in the city is an absolute must see in your route around Granada. This place is located in the neighbourhood of Albaicín, situated right opposite the Alhambra. (View of the neighbourhood of Albaicín and of the...

    0 by .., 6 years ago
  • Los Cármenes

    Hi again Antonio! As promised, here's a short review of this park, along with some photos - only some of the ducks though, since I couldn't find any others searching through my computer which would show you something of this relatively large park. If you find yourself...

    0 by Helen, 7 years ago
  • La Alhambra y Generalife

    If we think of Granada, the first thing that comes into our mind is the Alhambra. The huge palace complex is one of the most known and visited places in Andalusia. I made a trip to the south of Spain during my stay in Barcelona and today I am going to tell you why the...

    0 by Charlotte, 8 years ago
  • Albaicin Quarter

    Albaicyn Quarter, to me, is a Muslim resident area which was influenced strongly by this religion's architecture. All the houses are painted in white with symbolic front gates and gorgeous botanic gardens. If you are lazy for a walk, you can take the bus C1 leaving from...

    0 by Mia , 8 years ago
  • Mirador San Miguel Alto

    San Miguel Alto its the highest viewpoint in Granada. You can go there by walking 30 minutes from center. It has an amazing view of Granada center and Alhambra. I suggest you go there with a bottle of water because its far away of civilization. Many people go there for...

    0 by Vasilis, 8 years ago
  • Monasterio de la Cartuja

    This place is a must you should see if you visit Granada. The monastery itself is not a big thing, but the church is completely amazing. Really baroque and full of details. The visit is free on Thursdays, but you should purchase your free tickets in advance at Entradas...

    0 by Becks, 8 years ago
  • Comarca de Guadix – Gorafe

    Gorafe is the ideal destination for those of you who wish to travel back to the past. This village boasts the greatest concentration of dolmens in Spain and part of Europe. There are 10 necropolises spread around the village, which has been populated since the...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago
  • Escuela Delengua

    Escuela Delengua is by far and away the best language school I have ever attended. The teachers are so welcoming and friendly, so much so that they soon become among your best friends here. The school offers fantastic activities every day to ensure you get to know the...

    0 by Ben, 9 years ago

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