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VIP Tattoo

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If you want a piercing or a tattoo

Translated by Katie Jones — one year ago

Original text by Annick Mahy

If you want a piercing or a tattoo in Granada, you need to visit VIP Tattoo

If you want a piercing or a tattoo


As you'll find out, Erasmus is synonymous with change, thrills, new experiences, and many surprsies .

Before being a part of Erasmus, you probably thought you were incapable of doing a lot of things, and then, all of a sudden, you weren't afraid of anything.

So after taking a great leap into the unknown without asking questions, after being confronted with difficulties in order to get something you've always dreamed of, after pushing your limits, why not do something a bit crazy?

Where is VIP Tattoo?

73 Camino de Rona, on the street corner of the big boulevard.

If you want a piercing or a tattoo

What's the place like?

It's almost like a small palace. There is some really nice decoration inside and a welcoming atmosphere. The armchairs look like thrones!

If you want a piercing or a tattoo

There are magazines readily available on the tables to give you some tattoo ideas, as well as posters on the wall that show you different types of piercings.

What's the service like?

As soon as you enter, you're instantly greeted with a smile. The piercers wait on you hand and foot, and care about your wellbeing from the start of the session to the end.

That said, if I hadn't asked for advice, I wouldn't have got any. In this sort of environment, it's important to know what to do.

Before anything starts, you need to fill in a sheet with your details, to prove that you're aware of what they're about to do, and to prove that you're a responsible adult.

Unfortunately, nobody is allowed to accompany you when you're getting the piercing done (probably because of sanitary or concentration reasons. )


The piercings are done with a needle. This is an absolute must.

The ear piercings used are made of stainless steel to avoid any infections. This is a better material than silver.

The Price

The deal was two ear piercings (Helix and tragus) for the price of one or everything for 20 euros.

If you want a piercing or a tattoo


The price of the piercings and tattoos depends on where you want them, as well as the size (and some more precise factors depending on what you want).

Opening times

VIP Tattoo is open from 11am-2pm and from 5pm-9pm.

A few tips

  • Don't get your piercing done when it's hot out. You won't feel very good
  • Don't get both ears done at the same time , otherwise you'll have a hard time trying to get to sleep.
  • Make sure you clean your piercings every day in order to avoid any infections.
  • Make sure your earring is stainless steel for the first 4 months (before you change it)
  • Advice for Tattoos

    I didn't have the time to get one in Granada, but, as you'll see after your Erasmus, your adventure will have marked you so much that you'll want to keep it ingrained on you forever.

  • Don't forget that tattoos are indelible and (almost) impossible to remove, it'll be with you for your whole life.
  • Think twice before getting anything done.
  • Ask your tattoist if they have any advice, it's possible that they'll surprise with some new ideas
  • Make sure you listen to what your tattooist says to avoid any unpleasant surprises ( use healing cream, avoid the sun, and sea water, etc).
  • For any more information, contact them on their email address: [email protected] or by telephone: +34 858 99 77 62.

    To see more photos or to get some ideas for your future tattoos and piercings, visit this page.

    For more amazing drawings and tattoos in Granada: look at the Facebook and Instagram account "FrawingMartinez".

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