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  • VIP Tattoo

    If you want a piercing or a tattoo in Granada, you need to visit VIP Tattoo Why? As you'll find out, Erasmus is synonymous with change, thrills, new experiences, and many surprsies . Before being a part of Erasmus, you probably thought you were incapable of doing a lot...

    0 by Katie, 29 days ago
  • Lookout Point San Miguel Alto

    The path that leads to this lookout point isn't easy and, as well as a map, it is likely that you will need to ask somebody which street to take. I found myself 'lost' on several occasions, since there are a labyrinth of streets that can take you there. However, it is a...

    0 by Jessica, one year ago
  • The Federico García Lorca Park

    The children's park and children's swings at the García Lorca Park My favourite place in Granada is the García Lorca Park for the following five reasons: It's the most special park, solely because it has everything you're looking for - running tracks, children's...

    0 by Anonymous, 3 years ago
  • Escuela Montalbán

    I went to this school for about 3 months, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to learn Spanish but at the same time have an amazing experience! The teachers here are just amazing. They always find ways to keep classes interesting, as well as making...

    0 by Bas, 5 years ago
  • Beas de Granada

    Beas de Granada, a village in the province of Granada, preserves important historical remains and legends from its Roman past. The village also offers influence by the Moors and the Reconquista, the period of about 800 years during which the Iberian Peninsula that was...

    0 by Patricia, 6 years ago

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