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  • Mother's Day in Spain: Everything you need to know

    In this post we are going to talk about why Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain, the date of Mother's Day in Spain in 2019, and the origins of Mother's Day in Spain. Why is Mother's Day celebrated? Mother's Day is a day that pays homage to our mothers for dedicating...

    0 , in Erasmus tips 5 years ago
  • How to write a CV? The best bits of advice step by step

    If you are looking for a job but you don't know how to write the perfect CV, how to make it look attractive, how TO use a free template or write it on Microsoft Word, keep reading. In this post we are going to give you a template to help you write a CV, an example that...

    0 , in Erasmus tips 5 years ago

    How long it's been! Hello again! I return once again after a few days of rest to tell you about more of my experiences, this time in another Italian city. "Mi piace tantissimo l'Italia! " - I really like Italy! If I could, I would return to Italy every year to remind...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Bologna 5 years ago
  • Vatican City: 4 Essentials for your Visits

    Hello, travellers. Welcome back once again to my blog of travel experiences, most of which were enjoyed over the course of my Erasmus placement. A while ago I spoke about my trip to Rome and the best things to see there. Today I return to Rome, but this time focussed on...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Vatican 5 years ago
  • The Traditional Recipe of Salmorejo Cordobés

    As the "Cordobesa" that I am (person from Córdoba; Cordobesas from head to toe), what I like most is a good plate of "Salmorejo Cordobés" - known almost everywhere in the world already - but without vinegar, because the real recipe of Salmorejo Cordobés does not...

    0 , in General 5 years ago
  • Oslo: A Perfect Weekend Escape.

    Hello! Welcome once more to this blog Today I'm going to tell you how I spent a spectacular weekend in Norway, specifically in Oslo. Impressive! Ignore the comments about how boring Norway is, because I was impressed. In fact, I loved it. It is clear that it is always...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Oslo 5 years ago
  • Prague: A City of Museums

    Welcome once again to my blog! This time my travel experience will take you to the most beautiful city in Europe - maybe of the whole world! - and about my experience in this beautiful city. Prague is wonderful in every house, every step, every square... Don't forget to...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Prague 5 years ago
  • Extremadura: An Unknown Beauty

    Extremadura is an Autonomous Community rich in heritage, with many corners that I'm sure you don't know and that if you were to explore would leave you very impressed - like how they left me when I explored them. None of these corners that I'm going to leave you with...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Spain 5 years ago
  • Edinburgh: Small but Immense

    Good afternoon! Welcome, welcome! Today I'm telling you about another experience of mine! The truth is that this has been spectacular - I need to return and do it all over again! On one very calm day we were planning a trip, and while we were looking and searching, we...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Edinburgh 5 years ago
  • 10 things to do in St. Petersburg, number 3 is essential

    Welcome once again! I never thought I would be visiting St. Petersburg; it really seemed impossible. A far away place, but of course, never say never! When thinking of Russia, I thought of the cold. Although it was cold, it was wonderful and the views... What can I say?...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Saint Petersburg 5 years ago
  • A route along the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi and Positano. Charming and idyllic.

    Hello! Welcome once more to this blog, where everyday I show you places and more places to visit and discover, told through real experiences. A little time ago, I had the luck of visiting the beaches along the Amalfi coast. I can't say anything about them, because...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Amalfi 5 years ago
  • All of this is waiting for you in London

    What I loved and do love the most about London is the diversity of people that live in the city; where people live together freely and with open minds; capable to intertwine different lifestyles. London is a very atmospheric city and a city that, although they say it's...

    0 , in Erasmus blog London 5 years ago
  • Cod in Almond Sauce

    Hello, hello! Today I'm not going to show you a place, today in my blog I'm going to write a recipe for you that, at Christmas, is a triumph at my house. It's true that we like cod very much and cooked any way, but still... We love it! At Christmas we always make a...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Spain 5 years ago
  • Salmon in Orange Sauce with Raisins and Pine Nuts

    Have you ever tried it? It's so easy! Easy, fast and very good. On more than one occasion it will save you if you don't know what to eat... Let's go! INGREDIENTS: - Salmon in loins or fillet (the amount will depend on the people who eat it). - Juice of two oranges. -...

    0 , in Erasmus recipes 5 years ago
  • Budapest: Markets, Christmas and Lights

    Hello! Welcome, once again to another post. This one is a little more special as it is about Christmas! I'm guessing that you guys, like me, like to coincide your visits to other cities with Christmas so that we can see the Christmas Markets that we all like! They are...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Budapest 5 years ago
  • Granada in 24hrs

    Hello! Welcome, once again to my blog about travelling experiences... Ah! And Happy Christmas to all of you! This time we are heading off to Granada, the perfect city for beach and snow lovers! In the winter, the Sierra Nevada and its slopes are perfect for skiing,...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Granada 5 years ago
  • Transylvania: A Mysterious Region

    Welcome, once again! Romania, next trip, this is what my Erasmus friends told me. At the side it was hard to choose whether to go or not, it was a country that I had barely heard anything about and it scared me a little, to be honest. However... in this life we can't...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Romania 5 years ago
  • Barcelona: 7 essential locations

    Hello! Today I'm going to tell you about a city you'll love: Barcelona! My trip to Barcelona was not planned, I went by chance. My uncle, Barista, participated in the National Barista Championships celebrated in Barcelona this year, and therefore my family took the...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Barcelona 5 years ago
  • BUDAPEST: 7 things to do, number 4 is essential!

    During my Erasmus experience I told you that I had enjoyed a lot of travelling and getting to know many cities in Europe. The one I liked the most and the one I would undoubtedly return to visit again in the future, was Budapest. In the four days I spent there I enjoyed...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Budapest 5 years ago
  • Venice: 15 essentials in 48 hours.

    Do you only have one weekend to see Venice? Stay calm, you will still be able to enjoy almost all of the city of Venice in 48 hours. Although there are lots of enchanting and wonderful corners, in general you can see Venice in a small amount of time - that's if you...

    0 , in Erasmus blog Venice 5 years ago

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