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Bikram Yoga Astoria

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Bikram Yoga

Published by flag-hu Dóra Csatári — 5 years ago

Hello all!

If you want to experience a unique group activity, you want to gain energy and get rid of daily stress, I would recommend visiting Bikram Yoga at Astoria. I attended my first yoga course thanks to one of my friends from the university. I went to the first Bikram Yoga hour with my two best friends from the university (the girls who took me to Noir Choco Bar, of which I’ve already written in my previous post here.

Suprisingly, the class was held by an English instructor from Australia, named Andy. When we saw this name on the schedule, we associated it with Andrea, a Hungarian name for females. But thumbs up for the English-speaker yoga instructor. Thus, you have no excuses about refusing to attend classes because of communication problems. I’m not a spiritual person at all; I find yoga quite boring, I hate to hold positions, my muscle are stiff, stretching is a nightmare. I already tried different varieties of yoga, and was never impressed enough, but this time my chin fell down. Bikram yoga lasts 90 minutes, and it’s practiced in 40 degrees (Celsius). It may seem extreme, but the body can adapt to it. Heartbeat slows down, muscles relax and their stiffness gets reduced.



Good news, there are yoga classes both in the morning (from 7:00 a. m. ) and in the afternoon and evening, also on Saturday and Sunday. Each class’s length is 90 minutes, but there are 4 occasions in the week when the 18 Bikram yoga exercises are completed in only 60 minutes. These are the so-called 'express-hours'.



For only 2500 HUF (8 EUR) you receive a ten day long trial opportunity pass, meaning that you can attend as many yoga classes as you like in these ten days. I think it's absolutely worth it! It's a great discount, being offered a 10 day free experience for this little amount of money. Morning class cards are a little bit cheaper than month-cards for afternoon and evening classes. In general a month pass consisting of ten occasions costs 15. 500 HUF (50 EUR) for students and 10 EUR more for adults. You can rent a yoga mat and a towel (for free at the first occasion, and 100 HUF later) if you forget these tools at home. Bikram Yoga offers mineral water for the thirsty ‘warriors’ as well. If someone can’t handle the heat, he or she can leave the room anytime, and go out for some refreshing air.



Postures and exercises of Bikram Yoga are perfect for joint stabilization, stretching the muscles and also strenghtening them, working on a more correct posture and stimulating metabolism and blood. And what is more, concentration, holding postures, keeping strong and having enough ambition for 90 minutes. Focusing only in certain movements and postures will keep your mind free from worries, threats, thoughts and negative energy. I went to Bikram Yoga during a busy period of my life, when I was in my last year of university, and I also had a part-time job related to my studies... so a lot of pressure everyday. Bikram Yoga was without a doubt the most suitable therapy for me. It made me slow down, be calm and simply go with the flow.



In this kind of Yoga there’s no background music, or loud countdown, just silence and the sound of your own breathing. The instructors were all very kind, very open, devoted and dedicated professionals. They always walked between the rows of people and corrected the positions which weren't being done that great. Bikram Yoga acts with 18 identical exercises, so each instructor has a similar yoga class, telling the same instructions, repeating the same exercises. Nevertheless, there are small differences in their style, in their personality and their commands. During the ten-day free trial it's up to you to experience as many classes as you want, and choose the kindest instructor with whom you want to continue practising.



Do you know what feels best after the satisfaction of having done something good for your body and soul? Taking a cold shower after Bikram Yoga in the shower area. For a truly refreshing experience, visit Bikram Yoga centre at Astoria!

P. s. : Good news for Buda citizens! A brand new Bikram Yoga centre has been opened at Bartok Bela Street (it belongs to the same company as the Astoria centre).

Thanks for reading, Dora

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