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Pesti Sorcsarnok

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Pesti Sorcsarnok

Published by flag--- Zarko Petrovic — 4 years ago

I was eating at this restaurant 3-4 times in a week.

It's located between the old building of Corvinus University of Budapest and Kalvin Ter metro station.

You can eat delicious goulash for only 1000 HUF and you get quite a big portion of it!

The stuff is amazing, everyone speaks English and the quality of food is awesome!

For students and everyone else I can just say that once you're done with lectures or work go there and pick something from the menu! You won't be disappointed!


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Cockroaches everywhere

Published by flag-pl Halszka Matuszewska — 4 years ago

We went to this restaurant, cause it offers a tourist menu for a nice price. The quality of food is pretty good, but the place itself is just dirty.

There are cockroaches dancing on the top of the complementary cheesy bread and they were crouching on the walls so you had to be careful about your plate. Plus, from what I saw from my seat, the kitchen is filthy. Gordon Ramsay would have a full day and maybe a heart attack.

Add the iron faces of the staff who during the three course meal said maybe three words to us, one of which was just a grunt and you will have a nice image of this restaurant.


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