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  • Szimply

    A day without eating well is a day without having lived Ever since I moved to Budapest, I've been fascinated by the great amounts of places to get coffee, breakfast and lunch hidden throughout the beautiful city. Like little flowers in a vast grassland, they can be...

    0 by C., 5 years ago
  • Frici Papa Kifözdéje

    Cet endroit est un petit restaurant très sympathique où l'on peut manger de la nourriture traditionnelle hongroise à prix très abordable. (du goulash, et plein de plats à base de paprika). Les serveurs sont sympathiques, la nourriture est conséquente mais très...

    0 by Anne, 5 years ago
  • The New York Cafe

    Let's say you've been to one of those amazing Erasmus parties and you found yourself a sweetheart, what do you do then? take him or her to the same bar every time you meet? No! of course not! If you're looking for a classy place to take the future partner to,...

    0 by Mohammad, 6 years ago
  • The great market hall

    Hello all! During my student years I always had a dilemma among where to buy my daily food from. How much money should be spent on food, snacks in general, quality-meals, warm-foods? Should I eat healthier for more money, or try sparing and buy discounted and...

    0 by Dóra, 7 years ago
  • Noir Chocobar

    Hello all! Everything started on my birthday 3 years ago. Two of my best friends from the university waited for me in the front of the university after classes. I was suspecting that something out of common is going to happen, but I trusted them, and entered in the...

    0 by Dóra, 7 years ago
  • Vegacity

    Hello all! Time has come to write about my favourite restaurant in Budapest: Vegacity. Actually it is more like a student canteen or like a buffet because people wait in a queue and they have to take a tray, plates, glasses and cutlery for themselves. There are no...

    0 by Dóra, 7 years ago
  • Levendula ice-cream store

    Hello all! Get ready, today it’s time to talk about tasty things. Discovering and being in Budapest can be perfect, but no…it can’t. Unless You miss a little thing. Even if the sightseeing is amazing, the atmosphere of the city leaves speachless. The magic,...

    0 by Dóra, 7 years ago
  • Sirius Teahous

    I went there few times, it is a very unusual place but it's very nice. The style is amazing, I think you can't find a place like this. The price is not high (a tea costs more or less 2 euro) and the flavour is amazing. You can choose between a lot of kind of teas...

    0 by Stefano, 7 years ago
  • Mlinar

    Mlinar is an Hungarian bakery. It is very well known in Budapest, there are a lot of shops in almost every part of the city. You can recognize it from the name written in yellow and blue. Here you can have a very good breakfast at a low price. A croissant and a...

    0 by Stefano, 7 years ago
  • Dzsungel Étterem (Jungle Restaurant)

    A pretty cool restaurant and bar, just by the Western Train Station close to the heart of the city. Though, it was a bit hard to notice the small entrance for the first time and it looks nothing special from the outside, on the street, but rather plain. Nonetheless,...

    0 by Ramona, 8 years ago
  • Aquamarina Boat Hotel

    Having some business in Budapest, impossible to solve tasks in a single day, I needed a night and this hotel made me with the naked eye because long ago I wanted to sit on a floating hotel astel.  Initially I was clipped out of the fact that booking.com is specified as...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago
  • Nagyi palacsintázója

    Nagyi palacsintázója or Granny’s pancake house is for sure the sweetest place I found in Budapest. After a walk in the city my friend and I stopped there for one big tasty dessert. The pancake house has a number of locations in Budapest, but the one we went to and...

    0 by Paula, 8 years ago
  • Bordó Bisztró

    Bordó Bisztró is a great restaurant I discovered while in Budapest and I would describe it as the best combination between delicious food, low prices and cosy atmosphere. Situated on Nagymező street no. 3, the place is very spacious and has a minimalistic yet modern...

    0 by Paula, 8 years ago
  • Pesti Sorcsarnok

    We went to this restaurant, cause it offers a tourist menu for a nice price. The quality of food is pretty good, but the place itself is just dirty. There are cockroaches dancing on the top of the complementary cheesy bread and they were crouching on the walls so you...

    0 by Halszka, 10 years ago

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