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Night club for erasmus students

Published by Anne Mauguin — 2 years ago

This is a really good nightclub with a lot of event for the erasmus students. If you want to meet people from all around the world, this is the place to be.

On monday night, the beer is only 99ft! (which is around 30cts).

There is many different rooms with different music : latino, reggaetton, hip-hop,... There is even a karaoké room !

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The best of Erasmus' life in Bp

Published by Luisa Burdino — one year ago

Basically this place has been the very heart of my Erasmus, mostly for the first weeks, but right till the end it has played an important role still vivid in my memories.

It's a club which has 5 or 6 dancefloors (mainstream/pop/house/techno/reaggaeton music and more), a smoker area, a mad karaoke area and a bunch of different rooms where you will learn all the possible existing games linked to BEER. The reason can be found in the Erasmus' mondays and thursdays' parties: on each of these days you can get a beer only for 100huf=0,30 euro till 11pm, so rivers and rivers of golden liquid flow in the local! Moreover the entrance is free till midnight, the only "duty" you have to accomplish is to like the FB page of the club and sign yourself as 'interested' in the recurrent events (they check at the entrance).

Anyway the overall atmosphere is really nice: plenty of people animate the place, dance  and make you hate the queue at the bars, but one thing that you can appreciate is the easiness in making new friends; you only need to ask for a table to play beer pong, or to go to find either your lost ball or a partner to challenge your liver!

Another positive aspect is the central location: you need to take tram 4/6 (that is in services all night long), get off at Jaszai Mari ter stop and walk for less than 20mt on the left till the huge colorful sign MORRISON'S 2.

I definetely loved it, it's one of the best and cheapest places for Erasmus students in Budapest, partly unknown to locals!

Here's my crew the last day before the departure and some other pics. Cheers :)

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