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La Candela

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It's my treat!

Translated by Camille Ramdani — 4 years ago

Original text by Amandine Lasalle

At the corner of an alley, in the centre of Cádiz, is the tapas bar La Candela. By pushing the doors of the restaurant, it was a real surprise facing the blends of style, the higher bidding!

Yet, it may not look like much seen from outside, no terrace nor ambient hubbub that is so habitual among the Spaniards. In short, a cosy little restaurant halfway between the soviet tea room and the industrial loft, recycling ambience. Just when you look at the map, look at the bottom right. Because if you like the furniture, you can leave with!

It's my treat !

Enough talk, it's time to eat!

Being a table of nine guests, we decided to make a small mix of the menu to taste a little bit of all the different dishes offered. On the menu: "croquetas de la abuela", salmorejo, bacalao, sepia, etc.

It's my treat !

¡A picotear!

A lot of small tapas very well presented that were mouth-watering. However, my cute catch remains the octopus, a true delight. Next came the skewers of tuna, the cod...

It's my treat!

NB: Be careful not being duped by the small orange dots that decorate the plate of guacamole cod, because it's tabasco and I can tell you that I could felt it well going down... Hehe!

Taken from a gargantuan hunger we even ordered the famous piece of meat served with "patatas". A delicious meat cooked with coarse salt.

It's my treat !

For those who have survived this avalanche of good things, there are still desserts: cheese-cake, sorbet, etc. served in jam jars.

For my part, tea became essential if I wanted to succeed in getting up after dinner. And a tea served with cup and under a flower cup!

The addition when it was not so savoury, for less than twenty euros per person you can enjoy tapas ¡de puta madre! The whole watered with a few glasses of tinto or Spanish beers. Detail that made me smile too; the bill is served in a small wooden box set with beer capsules.

To keep in mind: an atypical place with a convivial atmosphere, a nice service and succulent dishes!

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