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Aki Te Quiero

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Aki Te Quiero - Club

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Aki Te Quiero is the club on La Punta that we visit most often and out of them all it is probably safe to say that it is our favourite. Aki Te Quiero seems to be open every night, which is grand, although on some of the quiet nights, where only a few of the other clubs are open, the club is pretty empty. Not that this is always a bad thing, it means the dance floor is all yours, no creepy guys hitting on everyone possible and with little to no people in there it is not as unbearably hot as it usually is. In fact, it is refreshingly cool.

I have never been charged for entry to Aki Te Quiero. Sometimes there is a queue outside but this is usually full of men as women are able to skip the queue and get in whenever they please. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights the club is always completely packed. It can get unbearably hot inside but you can always step outside for a few minutes to catch a breath, remembering to get yourself stamped by the bouncer to allow easy re-entry of course.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for promoters in and around Cádiz. They are always handing out cards offering free shots, although sometimes the bartenders just decide to give out free shots anyway.

The music in Aki Te Quiero is good to dance to, if not a little repetitive. It is not uncommon to hear the same song three, four or even more times during a night. It is usually whatever is in the Spanish charts at the time, only occasionally does the DJ attempt to mix songs together; unfortunately it is usually a disaster.

Like most of the other clubs on La Punta, Aki Te Quiero is small compared to most clubs. It is only one room. There is a small raised podium for those who like to get a little bit of the limelight, although on the busier days it is hard to tell the difference between the dance floor and the podium as everywhere is heaving with people. There is one bar that runs along the side of the club, which is usually staffed by two members of staff so waiting for drinks never takes too long. Speaking of drinks, there is a wide range available, and they are all around the average price. I have never felt ripped off with the prices.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the club some facilities are lacking, the main one being toilets. There are two, one for men and one for women, however there is never any soap or toilet roll in them and the queue is always horrible, as there is nowhere for it to form, so you have to stand at the back of the club and dive in whenever you can.

Overall though it is always a good night out at Aki Te Quiero, although a little tip; making friends with all the staff may not be such a good idea as it seems at first, it can come with its fair share of drama.

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