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  • Carnival

    What is this event about? I'm branching off from what I have been speaking about recently, to focus on one of the legendary parties in Spain which can't be ignored, although it's already been a few weeks since it took place. I'm talking about the Carnival of...

    0 , 3 years ago
  • Aki Te Quiero

    Aki Te Quiero is the club on La Punta that we visit most often and out of them all it is probably safe to say that it is our favourite. Aki Te Quiero seems to be open every night, which is grand, although on some of the quiet nights, where only a few of the other clubs...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • La Punta

    I had been in Cádiz for a week and not found a single club, there were lots of bars in all of the little roads, but no clubs. I love to have a dance but I did not want to travel to the new part of Cádiz to find a club, I wanted to be able to walk home. It was...

    0 , 11 years ago

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