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Little cinema with a little price tag

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We had decided that we wanted to watch the new James Bond film, Skyfall, so instead of heading over to the cinema in El Corte Ingles we decided to visit the cinema in the old town. We popped in to the sweet shop just opposite to pick up some supplies for the film and collected our tickets. They cost €3 each as it was a Tuesday, I am not sure what the standard rate is but there were signs up offering tickets for €3,50 to the unemployed on weekdays. We thought this was a very good deal, a lot less than the cinema at El Corte Ingles, and of course there were no travel costs as it is walking distance to all of our homes in the Old part of Cádiz.

The cinema was not much to look at, we could have easily passed it by, I'm sure that I have done in the past few weeks. The decor inside was plain, just a few posters of upcoming films, there was a small sweet shop inside run by the same guy who checked our tickets before pointing us upstairs to the screens. There was a lift to allow for disabled access, once we got upstairs we headed to our screen, it was completely packed apart from a few seats right on the front row, so we headed down to there. The screens were really small and unfortunately for us the view from the first few rows was enough to make our necks ache just trying to look at the screen, but it was all there was so it had to do. There were no adverts before the film, just a couple of film trailers, and they came on about ten minutes after the advertised starting time of the film, despite the screen being full. 

Throughout the film we tried all kinds of different positions to try and alleviate the back and neck pain from staring up at the screen. The angle meant that all of the images were on a slant, which was quite entertaining at times. I would definately advise getting there early to ensure you don't have to sit in the front rows, it almost wasn't worth it, despite the film being great. The chairs were very comfortable and the film quality was good, no strange losses of sound or green tinge to the picture like my local cinema in Birmingham!

For the price and convenience this cinema is a gem, will definately be revisiting, Anissa wants company to the Twilight marathon on Thursday - we will be sure to get there early.

UPDATE: So the Twilight showings were so packed we had no chance of getting in, I suppose that's the downside to having such a small cinema, we'll just wait a few weeks until it gets a bit calmer I think!

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