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La Calle

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Nice view, shame about the mediocre food.

Published by Anonymous .

After heading to La Playa Victoria to watch the sun set we fancied something to eat and a drink so we wandered along the sea front in search of somewhere nice to eat where we could still enjoy the view. Lots of places still seemed closed or not what we were after, we didn’t want a typical little Spanish restaurant, preferring instead to find a big restaurant with matching crockery. Sophie said that she had seen a nice looking restaurant on the way here which we quickly stumbled across. It was called ‘La Calle’. It was glass fronted with some of it open to the elements, it was evident that during the summer months that it would be a lovely place to go, thankfully for us the glass panels were pulled across to keep the wind and the cold at bay.

After checking the price range on the menu outside we headed inside and were greeted by a waiter who asked us where we wanted to sit. We dithered as usual, but asked if we could sit upstairs so that our view wasn’t obstructed by passing cars. We asked if we could still eat tapas upstairs and the waiter said yes and led us upstairs where the whole floor was empty so we had our pick of the tables. There was one set of tables already pulled together to make a 6 so we sat there, it was next to the window so had a nice view. We were given 2 menus, both in English, one was more pricey so we set that aside and shared the one menu between us, it was a bit difficult with 6 of us, could have done with another couple of menu’s really. We placed a drinks order and eventually settled on food, when the waiter returned with our drinks we tried to order our food but were told we could not eat tapas upstairs; unlike we had been told previously. So rather than kick up a fuss we all ordered ½ rations instead.

The food arrived at different times, 3 of us had ordered exactly the same thing, potatoes in beer and garlic chicken. Kath’s Russian Salad was the first to arrive, she said it was very nice but eating it got sickly so she was unable to finish. When our beer potatoes arrived it was not at all what we were expecting, it was chunks of potato covered in tonnes of this strange sauce with red stuff sprinkled on top. We had been expecting something similar to beer battered chips at home, but never mind. The sauce for me was ok, but some of the other girls preferred to scrape it off as there was an awful lot of it, and no, it did not taste like beer in the slightest. I just about finished the potatoes when the chicken arrived, accompanied by chips, it was carbohydrate overload, would have been nice for the waiter to let us know that we had essentially been ordering two plates of potato, as we now struggled to finish them. The chicken pieces were also very dry and contained lots of bones, and didn’t really taste very much like garlic at all.

We decided that we should have a brownie for desert as a pick me up, when we finally attracted the waiter’s attention he wanted to give us the bill and seemed a bit put out when we wanted to order more food. I think they were excited to see the back of us to be honest! We all ordered brownie apart from Emma who had a white chocolate filled crepe. The brownies arrived and to our surprise contained nuts, this was something that had not been mentioned on the menu, good thing none of us had a severe nut allergy, although Kath ate around hers as she doesn’t like nuts and has a peanut allergy. We settled the bill, which was more than if we had been allowed tapas, around €18 per person and headed home. The aesthetics and view from the restaurant had been great, the food not so much. Apart from Emma’s chocolate filled crepe which she said was wonderful!

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