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  • La Candela

    At the corner of an alley, in the centre of Cádiz, is the tapas bar La Candela. By pushing the doors of the restaurant, it was a real surprise facing the blends of style, the higher bidding! Yet, it may not look like much seen from outside, no terrace nor ambient...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Mercado central

    Are you in Cádiz, spending time at the beach and feeling a bit peckish? No, not tapas, not restaurants, but a market. You'll find the "mercado central" in the centre of the city and here you can buy the freshest vegetables, the best fish, meat, and freshly baked bread,...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Mina Square Tapas

    This little tapas bar only recently opened, so we hadn’t tried it until the other day, feeling a little peckish, with no food in the house and no inclination to go very far Kath, Claire, Anissa and I headed downstairs and out into Plaza de Mina for some food, there...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • La Tienda de Vélez

    La Tienda de Vélez is the third restaurant owned by the Vélez brothers in Cádiz. It is handily located on the number one bus route, almost exactly opposite the Playa Victoria Hotel, so is very easy to find. However its location means that it of course doesn’t have...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Avenida 28

    After Balandro quickly became our favourite restaurant in Cádiz, we decided to check out some of the restaurants owned by the same people, in hope that they offered similarly great food. We copied the list from the back of the Balandro menu and resolved to try out all...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Gotinga

    Geo and Verity had been to Gotinga’s several times and highly recommend it, so when the rest of my flat were going, who was I to say no to the invite? I had high hopes due to all the hype that I had heard about it, there have been so many times where I have just...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • La Calle

    After heading to La Playa Victoria to watch the sun set we fancied something to eat and a drink so we wandered along the sea front in search of somewhere nice to eat where we could still enjoy the view. Lots of places still seemed closed or not what we were after, we...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Balandro Restaurant

    We had tried to book for Balandro twice before, both times were Friday nights and so the restaurant was full. This time we intended to visit on a Tuesday, however we were going for Tapas as that it was what the Birthday Girl (Sophie) wanted. We tried to book as there...

    0 , 11 years ago
  • Buda Feliz

    After moaning for several weeks about how I hadn’t seen a Chinese Restaurant at all in Cádiz Emma decided that she would like to go to one for her birthday. A quick Google search revealed that there were, in fact, several Chinese restaurants in Cádiz with some being...

    0 , 11 years ago

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