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Mina Square Tapas

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Great for a quick bite to eat.

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This little tapas bar only recently opened, so we hadn’t tried it until the other day, feeling a little peckish, with no food in the house and no inclination to go very far Kath, Claire, Anissa and I headed downstairs and out into Plaza de Mina for some food, there are plenty of places to eat there but we decided to try this one out as we had never been before. We sat down at a table outside, there were also indoor tables but we decided it was a nice enough night to sit outside and soak up the Plaza de Mina atmosphere. A waitress promptly came over to the table and took our drinks order, we asked for the menu and she brought it over with the drinks. The menu itself was very cute, a hard wood board cut into the shape of a tin, menu on one side and an advert for the bar on the back.

Everything on the menu was very cheap, with full plates of food at €3 and tapas at €1 or €1,20 if they contained meat. We ordered a couple of things and were pleasantly surprised when they all arrived very quickly and almost all at the same time. I had patatas alioli which were very nice and a Moorish kebab, which I think was lamb, but was very nicely flavoured and came with a couple of chips. Anissa and Claire both opted for the patatas bravas, which were delicious, and the sauce was very spicy rather than just ketchup which is sometimes used as a substitute in tapas bars, not sure why as they taste very different! They also went for chicken strips, which were also served with a couple of chips. One thing I must say is that the Tapas here are very small, you will probably need 3, and certainly don’t come here if you would like a large meal. Although that being said Kath’s ceaser salad filled a normal sized plate (although it was covered in melted cheese – not quite sure about that one) and so she only had one tapas of meatballs with it.

This place is great for a quick and cheap little meal, including drinks and 3 tapas I spent under €5, so cannot complain, I didn’t need any more to eat after that. The location is, of course, great. I very much look forward to popping down there for a quick bite to eat in the summer where the outside seating will no doubt prove very popular. The service was friendly and quick which is always nice to see particularly in Spain where customer service can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. There wasn't an english menu, but Plaza de Mina has free wifi so it was easy to look up any words that we didn't know on the menu, but I'm sure the waitress would have helped us if we had asked her.

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