The Parissien | Cafe, cocktail, beer in Cadiz
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The Parissien

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Decent place to eat

Published by Anonymous .

On my first night in Cádiz we ate at this restaurant, although it was pleasant food the service left a little to be desired. Make sure if you go here you know what drink you want before you sit down! We arrived and were instantly asked what we wanted to drink, being a little dazed we had no idea, and asked for a couple of minutes to think, it was half an hour before the waitress returned, by then we had chosen what to eat. The menu was very varied, although there were lots of sea food dishes, as is to be expected in Cádiz. It was also very useful to have the menu in several languages, we read the spanish menu but had to check a couple of words on the english one. Once we had ordered the food arrived quite quickly, and the 'racion' portion was plenty for one person. The food did all arrive at different times though. I had the garlic chicken with chips which was very nice and not overly garlic-y. We also ordered half a litre of sangria between three of us, unfortunately it came in a large glass which was not very easy to pour from, so dividing it between the three of us proved tricky. Once we had finished our food it did take a long time to catch the attention of a waiter and ask for the bill, noone had come to take our plates away so we had to wave someone over. The prices were more than fair and the food was decent but it did take us almost 2 hours to have the meal because of all of the waiting around for service. So if you've got the time its an OK place to grab some food, near to some good bars too!

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