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Buda Feliz

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Tonnes of Chinese food

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After moaning for several weeks about how I hadn’t seen a Chinese Restaurant at all in Cádiz Emma decided that she would like to go to one for her birthday. A quick Google search revealed that there were, in fact, several Chinese restaurants in Cádiz with some being in places that we had visited before, obviously we had just missed them. We chose one ‘Buda Feliz’ and booked a table for the 14 of us for Emma’s birthday on the Friday.

We met in Plaza de Mina and headed down to the restaurant, the reviews on Google had been quite good, so expectations were high, a month without Chinese food is far too long. We arrived and were seated, the staff were friendly, handing out menus and providing complimentary jugs of water for the table, but only upon request. The downside to the restaurant is that it also acts as a take-away and delivery service, unfortunately we were seated next to the ordering desk, so periodically there were people lingering near us waiting to collect their food whilst we were tucking into ours. This wasn’t really a problem I just felt a bit bad sometimes. We chose our food and ordered, I went for Spare Ribs, Beef with Mushroom and Egg Fried Rice, exactly the same as at home.

The food arrived very quickly, first to arrive was the rice the portion sizes were immense one rice would have easily fed two people, no wonder the waiter had looked at us strangely when we ordered one each. It would have been nice for him to mention that we could have shared, but never mind, just means I now have Chinese for breakfast. The other food arrived at different times, but all within 5 minutes and the portion sizes for everything else were just as huge. The food was quite nice, a bit different from back home and a bit oilier I thought, but I happily tucked in. However I was soon defeated by the huge amounts of food as was everyone else. Everyone was pleased with their food, no one said it wasn’t nice, although in future we would definitely order to share, especially if we were having a starter. A waiter came over and offered to pack the left overs into take away containers for us, which we were grateful for. We then settled the bill, for the amount of food that we got the price was quite reasonable, I would definitely use this restaurant again, and perhaps will even give them a ring to deliver. Although the food is nice it is definitely a case of quantity over quality.

UPDATE : The home delivery service from here is also great, and the portions are just as massive! The menu can be found online at:

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