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Geo and Verity had been to Gotinga’s several times and highly recommend it, so when the rest of my flat were going, who was I to say no to the invite? I had high hopes due to all the hype that I had heard about it, there have been so many times where I have just wandered past this little restaurant without even taking notice of it on my way home from University. So the whole flat with the addition of Sven (Jana’s other half who was visiting from Germany) and Verity. We sat ourselves down at a table and a waiter handed out menu’s which were all in several languages, this was very useful particularly as Sven doesn’t speak Spanish. The restaurant is advertised as having international cuisine, which it certainly lived up to, there was plenty to choose from on the menu including, to my delight, lamb chops at a reasonable price. It was obvious what I was having! 

We were given pan y picos for the table, which were topped up when they ran low, the waiter even gave us butter, as he remembered Geo and Verity from a previous visit and how they had requested butter. It was a very nice establishment with a great personal feel to it, they were showing the football in the half that we sat in, which kept Sven happy as his team Dortmund were playing. The waiter tried to chat with him about the match a little bit, which was really sweet. We ordered drinks, and on Geo's reccomendation I got a Mojito which was delicious, so I would certainly reccomend trying the cocktails, even if they do seem a little pricey. Everyone else ordered tapas, as they wanted to try a variety of dishes. Verity’s goats cheese and apple tart looked great, as well as Geo’s parmesan potatoes, the patatas bravas were a little too spicy for everyone though, so when offered a taste I quickly declined.

The only negative about the restaurant was that my meal came somewhat later than everyone elses as they had ordered tapas, but I suppose that is my own fault really for ordering a proper meal which would obviously take longer to cook. However when it arrived the meal proved to be worth the wait, the rosemary flavoured lamb chops were delicious as were the potatoes and vegetables that it came on top of. The portion itself was large, this was also true for the tapas. So overall it was very good value for money food, it was not the newest or best looking of restaurants, but the food was definitely worth a try. The restaurant also doubled as an ice cream vendor, however we decided not to stick around for pudding after what had been a very filling meal. I can see why Geo and Verity recommended this place, was a really nice atmosphere and good food – I will certainly be recommending it in the future.

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