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The thermal springs of Bucharest

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A less well-known option in Bucharest

Translated by Anya Moen — one year ago

Original text by Quini Díaz

If you're going to visit Romania, more specifically Bucharest, you have to make an obligatory stop at the thermal springs.

They say that in Bucharest one has one of the best Erasmus experiences and this makes sense due to the the fact that the thermal pools are there. Inside you can find different areas, for example, a zone for water slides , indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzis, an area for massages ... and all for quite an affordable price.

Image 1 - A view of the main area (my own source)

A less well-known option in Bucharest

How did you get there from the city centre?

It is located in the outskirts of the city centre, near the airport. You can get the free bus from the airport which will take 40 minutes. The option that we chose was going in an Uber, I would recommend that you go in a group if you select this transport option as its the cheaper option and takes only 20 minutes longer. We always navigated the city in a taxi or Uber, and the prices were around 1-4 euros for a complete trip. Between 3 or 4 people this costs hardly anything.

What do I do once I reach the destination?

As soon as you arrive, you will be directed to the entrance and you will be able to see the different prices of the various zones that you can enter. The thermal pools are divided in 3 spaces:

One is dedicated to the zone with the slides, another is for the outdoor/indoor pool and jacuzzis and the other is for the saunas.

You can select hours and according to zones. We chose the slide zones and swimming pool zones for 3 hours. The price came to around 20 euros with a student card. They will give you a bracelet to access the sites.

Image 2: The main entrance (own source)A less well-known option in Bucharest

What is the bracelet used for?

The bracelet is used to store your belongings in a locker as well as for entering the different zones and if you fancy something to eat or drink, for example, a glass of wine or a snack... All you need to do is touch your bracelet onto a machine that the waiter carries in order to 'pay', but in reality you will pay at the exit. In Romania the prices are very cheap.

Watch out! If you enter one of the zones that you didn't select at the entrance, they will make you pay at the end.

Is it necessary to wear something?

You will need to bring a swimming costume or bikini. They will give you a bathrobe and flipflops when you're there. Also, the showers are equipped with shower gel, shampoo and hair dryers.

Image 3: The outdoor pool (own source)A less well-known option in Bucharest


It's recommended that you bring your own sandwiches there because there's practically nothing to eat. They only have a hotdog stand and a little more.

It's better to go mid week as it's heaving with people at the weekends.

You can go either during the day or also at night time. At night the pools remain just as beautiful with the lighting.

Image 4: The main pool with the bar (own source)

A less well-known option in Bucharest


Bucharest, and Romania in general is a very cheap city in comparison to Spain and other countries in Europe like Germany and Italy etc. The local currency exchange to euros is: 1 Leu is 0.20 euros (approximately).

Here is the website link so that you can take a look at the prices and see more information:

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