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  • The thermal springs of Bucharest

    If you're going to visit Romania, more specifically Bucharest, you have to make an obligatory stop at the thermal springs. They say that in Bucharest one has one of the best Erasmus experiences and this makes sense due to the the fact that the thermal pools are there....

    0 by Anya, 2 years ago
  • A day at the Bucharest "Therme"...

    The Bucharest Therme deserves a visit. They are easily reachable, from the center of the city, thanks to a special shuttle that leaves from Plaza Roman every day, except Saturday and Sunday. I was a bit unlucky, however, because searching on the internet, I had found a...

    0 by maria stella, 2 years ago
  • Orlando Circus

    Well, who does not like having a good time with their friends at a circus. There where you can eat popconr, laught, dance, take photos or see something extremely out of ordinary. I am talking about a circus.  Oralndo Circus! In december it is in Roumania, so if you...

    0 by Patricia, 7 years ago
  • Bucuresti

    How is the life In Bucharest, Romania? I always used to mention just the positive parts of every destination I travelled to. I make my point based on the interaction with the locals, my random wandering around, neighbourhood and life-style. I’ve been living in...

    0 by Patricia, 7 years ago

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