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The capital of Romania

Published by Patricia Ioana

How is the life In Bucharest, Romania?

I always used to mention just the positive parts of every destination I travelled to. I make my point based on the interaction with the locals, my random wandering around, neighbourhood and life-style.

I’ve been living in Bucharest on and off now for six months.

The city is not so pretty as I heard and it definitely lacks a ‘wow factor’ to impress foreign visitors. Everything is grey, a lot of communist-style buildings, unattractive graffiti and crowded streets. Maybe that is why the tourists do not stay there more than 2 or 3 days.


I feel lucky that I decided to stick around. The more I stay in Bucharest, the more I discover a city that deserves to be noticed by more people.

The Bucharest's charm is hidden in the corners, small streets and in the hearts of the citizens. You need some time to discover the rest. You need to see every lane, cinema or pub. They all have something different to offer.


For example, you can easily find an overpriced restaurant in the Old City, but just wait until you discover places such as Clubul Taranalui.

The reason I love Bucharest is because I have discovered so many beautiful places which gave me more complete picture of this city, new images and experiences that I enjoyed a lot.


Bucharest is not an expensive city. For example a traditional Romanian food and local wine costs a mere $10 per person.

Don not rush and run from this city! Just stay and enjoy every moment.


Bucharest is a city that must be added to your must-see list! This city will surprise you!


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