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K. H. Zambaccian Museum

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K. H. Zambaccian museum

Published by Patricia Ioana

Outside of the program that you see in the photo, on the first Wednesday of every month, admission is free. (otherwise a ticket costs 7 Euro)  ' I gave people my collection of art, because the talents that I have met are of the people; they are his pride, otherwise I would have betrayed the people and the artists carorea we've reaped the fruit of ' he said at last, Krikor Zambaccian chapter of his book ' an amateur art Notes '.  But who was this student? What life full of passion for beauty has led to something like thousands of strangers who are grateful today?

At the beginning of the last Z have two houses in Bucharest; one str. Vasile Lascar Street and Millo, and the walls were filled with both the dashboards. Works by Delacroix, Matisse, Renoir and Cezanne were already part of its collection.  In the 1930s-' 40s was considered talented but poor artists benefactor in Bucharest; help with money when they were at the extremities and you buy paintings at low prices, all as a form of relief. These friends, helped him to assemble a collection of tablori from impresionanata who has added and drawings, graphics and sculptures. He said later that; not once I bought the paintings from young that i knew no one, which later became the famous '.

Become not just a student but an avid connoisseur of the lives and works of so many masters, it was hard to write a few monographs; Nicolae Toniza note, Nicolae Grigorescu, Gheorghe Jasper, to which he added and other works in prose about art; ' An amateur art Notes ' and ' art ' Pages.  In the early ' 40s, when the two houses have become more crowded and inappropriate exposure of so many works of art, Krikor h. Zambaccian, asked the architect c. d. Mclean, to make a home in which they can operate an exhibit of art and can live together with his family. And he did it on the street that now bears the name of colectionarului. In 1942 he moved to Z in it and one day a week, the House was opened to visitors. Doesn't look like now; It was a little smaller, did not have the floor.

In 1947, following the example of (ing. Dumitru Minovici thus gave the House and collection of medieval art) Z donated the House and part of the collection, the roman State. In the Act of donation; specify clearly which is the destination of the real estate; I mean, and what are the Museum's works donated. On that occasion, the inaugural speech of the Museum he said; ' You don't have to waste nothing. On the contrary, I pray to God I can complete his vocal from iagalo, can my gift, so this collection is a true school for artists and researchers the Romans '. This I call a great proof of patriotism. He left the House in three stages art collection, the roman people. For this act, the King awarded him and thanked him for his contribution to the enrichment of the Romanian people.

With a great flair for the businessman, merchant invented after World War II the concept of signing and opened the first store of its kind horse. Romarta Store-Victory (a play on words; art rum). As he said once his latest downturn, Mr. Marcel Zambaccian (sparking further everything he learned from his uncle) this store, the only one of its kind at the time, the Communists opened was in commodities for oriental carpets, paintings, decorative arts and furniture of value from the old boyars from those who wanted to immigrate and sold them to new imbogatiti.  In 1957, he followed a second donation in the form of works of art, after the House has been extended for this purpose (this extension was part of the conditions of the first donations). What is left in his possession, he dFrom there I went in great Hall, where they were greeted guests and where they were exposed to begin with most pieces in the collection. Now there are the pride of place three works of Abel (' dress up ', ' Boy movie book paint ... ' and ' still life '), a self-portrait of Amann and any five blades signed by Gandhi on a wall (the famous ' torcand ', ' Peasant Boy with harmonica ', ' portrait of a Jew ', ' Peasant a prone in the grass ' and ' Herd coming out of the water "). Above the fireplace are three other works of Nicolae Grigorescu (' autumn Landscape-Posada ', ' self portrait ' and ' Roses ') and a side of (a fireplace) are two chairs of Savonarola, Italy, dating from the 18th century. (carved wooden and leather puree in large targets).Donated in 1962, the year in which he also died. In total there have been 310 works of art.

The entrance of the Museum is now on a small door, service, not on the main door, the one used at the time as the Zambaccian lived.  We entered the Museum, I let my clothes from the Wardrobe (ex-room service) and I went in the former Office of the colectionarului. As pieces of furniture, are now there, and a library with books related to the skin, an Office Chair for. This is now his room Pallady. There are two self portraits by the artist exhibited three drawings (' on the banks of the Seine ', ' the Green woman writing ' and a ' Landscape ') and several paintings; ' Nude on chair ', ' Oranges and lemons ', ' Hat and umbrella ' artist ' nude woman on blue chair ', ' reading ' yellow woman and still a couple. In total there are 19 paintings and two statuettes; one in marble and in bronze signed Maddox.

One of the halls on the first floor is dedicated to the French collection. Piece de resistance is a Cezanne (' Portrait of girl '), the only one in the country, in addition to staying stylish two paintings of Renoir (' Two women bathed Nude in ' and ' landscape '), the second of his Matisse (' inner ' nude and Nude in ' workshop ').  In total there are 18 works by the great masters. Another piece de resistance of the collection is ' Bullfighting ' Picasso.  In another room ten works of Jasper's joins ' Portrait of Zambaccian '.

After I delecat with these wonderful, I went into the little yard in front of the main entrance (the one that was used by Z) and I admired in the yard, a bronze bust of Ilo, bust of Michelangelo achieved (bronze) by Cornel Medrea, ' primitive man ' Oscar's Tavern (still a work in bronze) and about 4-5 papers.  The visit to this museum was a delight; I was alone, I could stand in front of a machine works, or come back if I felt the need, without having to bother anyone. The fact that I was monitored not only video but also the system of three ladies, don't bother me. Great price for shooting fee (50 euro) and for an eventual Guide (which however must be requested at least three days in advance) of 70 lei, I never liked. How do I liked any poster on the input panel, poster in 2002 (although the fort Museum renovated in 2008).  Otherwise ... it was a pleasure to tracing in the House colectionarului Krikor Zambaccian

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