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Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

Published by Șchiopu Monica

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

Last week was my 24th anniversary and I had, of course, to celebrated with my friends in an entertaining, but also simple way. Thus, we decided to go out on Friday night in a pub or club to have some drinks and dance for a little bit.

After looking for a place that would have fit our taste and requirements, we came across a pub called “The Pub Bucharest” and decided to give it a try.

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

Where is the place located and when you can spend time there?

“The Pub Bucharest” is located on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard at number 9, in the area known as “Universitate”. The pub is open from Monday to Thursday between 11.00 AM and 01.00 AM, on Friday and Saturday the schedule is longer, the place being open until 04.00 AM and on Sunday the opening hours are between  12.00 AM to 00.00 AM. Actually, one criterion after which we chose to pub was the closing hours because we wanted to celebrate until the morning. So, regarding to this, the Pub Bucharest was just perfect.

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

A pub for live concerts 

When we arrived at the location, we found out that a live concert was just taking place and to enter to pub, we actually had to buy the tickets for that specific show. Thinking a bit and noticing that the music which was playing liked us, we bought the tickets that cost 20 lei – meaning 4 euros for each of us.

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

Later we discovered that in The Pub Bucharest are always organized live concerts for the customers, even during the week, with local bands or singers. People can inform about the upcoming concerts on the panel showcased at the entrance of the pub or on their website. In that night, the band which was performing was called “D-l Goe”, a boy band of 6 people singing about stories, love and dilemmas on rhythms of pop, rock, blues and gipsy-jazz.

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

A filled with people place: sooo crowded!

When we arrived at the pub, at about 9.30 PM, the place was totally full with people as the band was also in the middle of their performance. We were walking along the tables in an aim of discovering and empty one, but we really couldn’t find it, the Pub was filled with humans enjoying the music, the drinks and the food.

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

Even if the inside space of the location is quite large with many tables of different sizes, there was no place for us here, but we had to go out on the terrace, in the specially designed place for smokers, which although it was covered, it was still cold in this space and the music was not heard as loud or as good. But actually, we liked to stay here for sometime because inside it was too crowded and also too loud. We hoped that soon we would have the chance to change the table and enjoy more the performance of the band.

Getting the drinks and starting the party 

A nice waitress came very quickly to take our order and we could not decide at first what we want to serve because the options regarding the drinks were too many. After all, I of course ordered a draft beer and because I wanted something a little stronger, I also took a rum. My friends on the other hand got drinks such as shots, cocktails, scotch and guiness. Cheers to that!

When the drinks had arrived, we had the opportunity to move inside to another table and enjoy the rest of the concert, but because the music was really loud in the sense that we could not hear each other, it was better for us to stay in the back of the hall.

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

Due to the live music and the good performance of the band, people – including us as well – were not just siting at the tables, but they were dancing around and having fun, thus the overall atmosphere was quite energizing, active and amusing.

Drinking makes people hungry, right? After some drinks we got a little bit hungry and ordered fries, it was rather funny because the waiter asked us do you want half a kilogram of fries or 1 kilogram?, but still who eats 1 kilogram of fries?

Meeting with other friends and continuing the fun night out with same dance moves 

Later on, other 2 friends joined us as well, one of it just arriving from Germany to do an Erasmus mobility exchange at the National University of Theater and Film Art. I met this friend while I was doing my exchange mobility in Saarbrucken and I was very happy to reunite with him and to hear that he will be in Romania for one semester.

As we were talking we noticed how, after the concert was finished, most of the people started to leave, and from a totally crowded place, the pub transformed into a half empty one. Maybe it was better like that, we could finally hear each other. The band was not on the stage anymore, but the music was still playing nice songs belonging to the past times, both Romanian and international.

Thus, at times, we could not stay at the table, but went on the dance floor to enjoy the old and funny Romanian songs and to accompany the last remaining people which were still having fun on the dance floor. By the way, I think that this was the first pub in which I could dance and due to that, because we were planning for the night to also get to a club to dance, when we noticed that we could do that here, we decided to not change the place and just stay inside the Pub Bucharest until the end.

The Pub Bucharest, recommended or not? 

Celebrating my birthday at “The pub”

We came to the conclusion that we will probably get back to this pub because we had fun and enjoyed the atmosphere and the style of the location. The prices were not to high taking in consideration the fact that we were in the middle of Bucharest – for example a beer cost 12 lei (meaning 2,5 euros) – and the service was pretty good too.

Thus, if people are looking for a place where to have a night out on weekends or during the week, The Pub Bucharest could be a location to be considered especially for those who want to listen to some good live music while drinking and also who want to show their friends that weird dance moves.

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