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Mucin Mountains

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Mucin Mountains

Published by Patricia Ioana

If I tell you I don't think I can build the real image, but you can imagine that these mountains were some towering volcanoes that have left behind an enormous granitic massif, on which water (rainfall, Frost, etc.) and the wind systematically crushed it. And how this granite came from a melt,every centimeterof it remembers that. And it has a feature: unwind like a chocolate egg, one layer, then another and another and another ... but at some point someone stole the time so you can see very many "stars" (babe, Sphinxes, pillars-dike, the animal heads, pots etc. ..) who froze in several stages of evolution at the same time.  

The route  is not long but the difficulty  is to keep your eyes on the footpath. The mountain is recognized as a point for professional photographers, so rarely are occasions when you would see  small groups of people waiting, apparently some men  without sheeps. Most of the times don't really speak English.

From here the route, a good chunk of the road is on the peak, on the -South direction East and views of the glances of the fantasy is making to forget autumn wind that blows. Not at the first exit in Măcin know that wind is permanent presence so we had  with us light clothes, sweaters but that were designed to defend ourselves from it.

Very spectacular is all the area, some in the Măcin Mountains alinament, others thrown like dice in yogurt, in the broad floodplain of the Danube River that surrounds the massif on three sides, which appear suddenly as the peaks of mountains Pacific Islander, also called iceberg.

At one point I note that path tends to change the crest, as well as the train line. Descends to a saddle and climbs on the northern slope of Pricopanului, where, above the village of Greeks and peak Ţuţuiatu.But I recommend you ... do not turn left after the trail, but the right to close your circle route. Sliding diagonally to the mountain, having as a landmark  a visible place of departure, with chance among the multitude of rosehip bushes a to notice a small plateau which rises high in some eggs and rocky loins. It is a place away from the trail. I've called the "village of dinosaurs". Coming close, appear a multitude of forms, of different sizes, shapes, positions. Yes, the surprise at the end of the day! Here the base is reached within 15 minutes.

Every time we climbed in the mountains surrounding images Măcinului fascinated me, making me become aware (to what time?!?!) of human impermanence. Looking around you cannot think for once, long ago, when there were neither the Carpathian Mountains, these mountains, which were part of the generation of Hercinici, towering in Dobrogea ascending up in southern England. Big changes in the Earth's crust made the towering mountains of yester to disappear, leaving in their wake, silent witnesses of immortality, Măcinului mountains.

Even though cooler period not allowed us to admire the  typical fauna of this area, here I refer with regret at Turtle stew, I could see a couple of specific plants, some of which are protected species.  Macin mountains hike is possible, but sometimes a little more difficult because of the rocks that make your foot to slip, especially when you are approaching  to the peaks, which is why it is advisable to have suitable footwear (boots preferable).

If you're in the passage to sea try to organize your time so that you can dedicate a few hours of hiking in the Măcinului mountains and I assure you that you won't regret it.  These ancient mountains, grind time, heavy rains and winds have a special charm that if you've discovered once operates like a drug, you want it again and again and ...

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