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Published by Șchiopu Monica


I am a coffee lover so let’s go for a such drink again. Where? In Bucharest, the capital city of cafes. It is evening and I wanna hang out with two friends in a beautiful cozy place where I haven’t been before. My friend is looking on the Internet for a cafe nearby our neighbourhood. and finds out about the one named Manufaktura. We are scrolling quickly through some photos of it and soon decide to go here. 


Where is Manufaktura located?

Manufaktura is a coffee shop restaurant situated on Aviatorilor Boulevard 8A, Victory Square, Bucharestin a location where there are placed other restaurants, bars and terraces. For example, I notice that Manufaktura shares the space with an asian restaurant called Japanos, there is no wall dividing their space which I think is pretty good. 


For those who are living far away from this spot, you should know that Manufaktura has other such coffee shops in Băneasa, Promenada - Calea Floreasca - and MegaMall on Pierre de Coubertin Boulevard. 

When is Manufaktura open?

The Cafe Shop restaurant is open from 8.00 in the morning to 22.00 in the evening ( speaking of the one in Victory Square ) . 

How is the atmosphere and the location? 

I meet with my friends and we walk to Manufaktura. They have an outside terrace too, but we prefer to stay inside because is evening and the weather is getting chilly. Inside we are impress by the beautiful, clean and with a lot of good taste arrangement of everything. The ceiling is the most wonderful being decorated with big wooden coffee beans hanging from it. 


I am looking at the ceiling and I say: “wow! that’s amazing, I want something like this in my home!” The smell makes me to crave crave coffee and the vibe is getting us in a state of relaxation. 

What’s on the menu?

The menu is given to us by the nice waiter and quess what? it is also shaped into a coffee bean! What a sweet dream for a coffee lover! They prepare and serve all kinds of coffees from a simple espresso to frapes, flavoured coffees such as Banana Dream, Mango Spicy Ginger, Coffee spiced latte and Chocolate Mint Coffee. Besides the coffees, in Manufaktura you can also drink hot teas, hot chocolates, lemonades, natural juices, ciders or alcoholic drinks like beers and wines. 

People who are hungry can order something to eat from french and italian breakfast to pastry, sandwiches or salads. 

Mulled Coffee, probably the most flavour full coffee I’d ever drink

Even if is almost night time, I cannot give in the desire of having some coffee, so from the coffee specials I order a mulled coffee that I’d never had before and which is flavoured with apples, oranges and cinnamon


After a short waiting time, my coffee is served and it smells so good. I take a first sip and all of the sudden I feel like Christmas has entered into my mouth. The taste is extremely delicious. The coffee feels strong and fresh with a hint of orange and cinnamonthat makes it perfect. The caramelized apple friendly accompanies the coffee. 


My friends are having a tea and a lemonade. The one serving the tea is happy with it, but the other one drinking the lemonade is not so happy because she says that the drink is too cold and sweet. As for me, I am thankful for my very good mulled coffee. 

How are the prices?

For my coffee I pay 7 lei meaning 1.5 euros even if in the menu the drink has a double price of 14 lei meaning almost 4 euros. I am surprised by the price reduction they make because I was ready to pay for the full price. Then I thought that maybe at evening and night time they are offering some sale for the coffee since there are not so many coffee drinkers during this period. I am not sure of the assumption, but I suppose it is like that and I feel lucky that I get to pay less for my wonderful drink. 


Generally because the location is placed near by the Victory Square where there are many large companies with lots of working people and because the coffee shop restaurant is kind of fancy and with products of high quality, the prices are a bit high towards expensive speaking from the point of view of a student’s budget. For example, the cheapest coffee costs 14 lei - almost 3 euros - and the most expensive costs 20 lei - 4.2 euros. A tea costs 12 lei - 2.5 euros. Once a month is worth and reasonable to have a delicious coffee here. 

Recommended or not?

I have a great and relaxing experience with my friends at Manufaktura. I am satisfied with the coffee I drink in the beautiful location they have. Thus, I recommend travellers, foreigners, students or any other kind of people who are searching for a high quality coffee with a hint of something fancy to try this coffee shop restaurant named Manufaktura.

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