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Palace of the Romanian Parliament

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Palace of the Romanian Parliament

Published by Patricia Ioana — 4 years ago

1 May 2010: "doors open Day at the European Parliament. A free day for all Romanians and a tempting opportunity to know and this landmark in the history of our past and present!

We hit the road on a sunny morning, which seems to announce a perfect day. We arrive in Bucharest at around 10.30 and to our amazement, as soon as you have the Constitution, we manage to get rid of the stress of questions: where one can park? Parking places are at choice, we marvel that such a day with free access to the Palace, there's no trace of the built-up area. The Moose alley  is on the right side of the Palace and beside the beds filled with flowers stand towards the famous edifice, to the central entrance stairs. The building immediately overwhelms us with its vastness, but also the architectural ornamentation of the lace-making that we cannot assign any style.

Site Palace of the Parliament Building is located in the central part of Bucharest (sector 5) on Arsenal Hill (formerly Dealul Spirii), fenced perimeter of the liberty Blvd., route 13 September United Nations Ave. and Spring Street. The Hill is in fact an artificial Hill built after the demolition of an area of about 10 square kilometres. Were doomed to destruction when a number of historical monuments, including the monastery of Văcărești, Brâncovenesc Hospital and the national archives.

Surrounding the Palace is surrounded by an extensive green area, almost left in the will of nature: there are only few trees and flowers, and towards the middle of the summer, untidiness, mixed with grass weeds, scorched by the Sun until yellowing complete. Only in the vicinity of the Palace have planted more trees and dance beautifully manicured flower beds. Concrete fence surrounding the complex is a common one, and in many places compromised thing that can be said about the time out from Liberty Avenue. 

The building is perfectly visible from all four cardinal points, but in turn provides a breathtaking view of The Constitution (place consecrated for presentations, meetings and public shows), which opens the former Victoria socialism, now Boulevard Unirii Boulevard, a Romanian replica of the famous French Boulevard Champs Elyseés. But looked at the Palace of the Parliament, Unirii Boulevard not at all resemble the fellow French because his string of fountains placed on its central axis giving it a personal touch with everything, you're out.

We understand but that are not placed next to a glass of water, as in the case of the Hungarian Parliament, the greatness of the Palace building was designed to be displayed in full height at arsenal Hill and complemented by extending the panorama with the line Of the Union. I believe that this aim has been achieved, but unfortunately the same can say about the green area surrounding the Palace, an area that is not put into value. She could be transformed into a genuine Park unbundled, if some designers would be put on the job if he'd planted several trees and some skilled gardeners would be groomed lawn and flowers.

Brief history and history of the Palace of the Romanian Parliament building is not as ancient as that of the Hungarian Parliament. Instead, it is more controversial. The one who in 1984 he signed the birth certificate was Nicolae Ceaușescu. Although baptized as Casa Poporului building, the dictator he had in fact a sumptuous palace for himself and his henchmen, to megalomania: lustreze after he had seen the world as well as palaces, realized that in Romania didn't have anything similar to the world impresionăm's that poposeau from time to time in the us.

Tourists Visiting the access is possible in organized groups, daily from 10.00-16.00, except for days when there is major public events.  Normal schedule and conditions of sightseeing can be found on the official website of the International Conference Centre in Bucharest (

Foreign tourists are available for guided tours in several languages of the world movement. I've never seen audioghiduri to be available (as in the Palace of the Hungarian Parliament), but since I'm not sure that in the meantime this has not already been done, I am saying that this border technique guide available in almost all the sights of Europe and not only, it is not only a stylish and convenient way to provide guests with the information they needbut also a natural necessity. Ah, I forgot that the budget savings to be made .... it 

For Romanian students there are various educational programs in the Chamber of Deputies, provided to them by assisting teachers, in which young people are informed about the role of Parliament, the voting process and representation, rules of procedure of the Chamber of Deputies and the like. On these occasions, guided groups may be present and the debate in the Chamber.

Visit the Palace of the Romanian Parliament first of all, it must be said that this peek I did it alone, without a guide, nor I spotted guided groups. The route followed, however, was marked by the presence of staff and supervisors, and in some areas even the staff presentation, as well as the ever-present red cords of prohibition. So, after passing through the security area, glad it wasn't crowded at all, I started a new and from a few other visitors. That's why, I don't know if our path coincided with that of particular groups in the remaining days of guided sightseeing. Some of the explanations that will follow are re-enactments of puținelor information that we were provided in some meeting presentation by staff, and the location of the pictures you have set it in part by noting the name of the spot, completing the route, as well as by comparing with other similar photographs presented on the official website.

-The lobby is the first apartment that we are experiencing at the entrance, after the passage of the security zone. It's huge, with two groups of massive marble columns, placed symmetrically one on either side of the middle line. Marble flooring is a gigantic floral design combined with geometric elements in several shades of yellow and Brown. Above, a huge circle as a flying saucer, lighting throughout, dripping like a huge Crystal Teardrop to design marble underneath. Side, two symmetrical staircases climbs majestically toward the upper level.

The visit continues in the Nicolae Iorga. Has square-shaped and is decorated with wood panelling fitted into the frames to the upper parts of the walls and on the ceiling. The floor is made of different colors, flooring, merged into diamonds and oak doors have ornamental applications. Furniture leaves us to guess that this is a place for conferences and other events with audience.  -Reach in the Spiru Haret. We întâmpănă a "host" young lady, which does not give information unless someone is addressed with any questions.

-On the right side of the Gallery tapiseriilor, marked by a provisional wall, we find the Palace Museum. It houses a collection of papers rose enough, decorations, books, busts and two Royal jilțuri, all related to the history of the institution and Parliament of părtașe figures in this history

Leave altogether impressed Hall Tutors and descend on one of the arms of the monumental stairs that leads to the ground floor. Soon, we stop in another delightful room. It is open to the two courtyards (only one of which we're accessible) and has an impressive surface, marked at the floor level of a beautiful rosette with geometrical motives drawn in marble, and at the level of the ceiling of a skylight with a massive central chandelier and several small ends chandeliers. 

Therefore, for me, in which I could establish a hierarchy of visiting, and frankly, I would be sorry if I have missed any of the two opportunities to visit them. For you, the best way to make your own impression is to visit them from among you.

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