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  • People's House (Parliament Palace)

    Starting from an older idea, the building of the Parliament Palace was built in the time of Nicolae Ceausescu in a period of great economic deprivation. The dictator's tendency was, on the one hand, to concentrate in a single building all the central organs of the...

    0 by Ionel, 2 years ago
  • The Museum of Recent Art

    Probably one of my favorite art museums that I have visited a few times in Bucharest is The Museum of Recent Art, known shortly in Romanian as Mare. The museum is very young being opened very recently to the public in 2018 as the first private museum of art in Romania...

    0 by Șchiopu, 3 years ago
  • The Peleș Castle

    If you are an Erasmus student in Bucharest and maybe you got tired of seeing only cars and buildings thus want to breath some fresher awakening air, I am here to propose you a one day journey in a beautiful place located at the bottom of the mountain. So, let’s hop on...

    0 by Șchiopu, 3 years ago
  • Public Transport

    Of course, like in every capital city, to make the traffic more manageable, we have access to different types of public transport: the bus, ('autobuz'), the metro ('metrou'), the trolley (a mix between a tram and a bus). The view from the wonderful trolly, on which we...

    0 by Emma, 5 years ago
  • AFI Palace mall

    AFI Palace, it's a HUGE mall that includes clothing shops, shoe stores, one hyper market, perfumeries, restaurants and snack shops, but also everything that regards leisure: laser game, cinema, bowling, ice rink, a little roller-coaster (because if I said a ladybug, you...

    0 by Leclerc, 5 years ago
  • Romanian Village Museum

    Interested in history and architecture? Want to know how people used to live in Romania? To find these answers visit Village Museum in Bucharest, where you will have a chance to walk in the village of romanian history. Village Museum is one of the oldest open-air...

    0 by Janja, 7 years ago
  • Herăstrău Park

    Herăstrău Park is the biggest park in Bucharest, Romania. I'd recommend renting a bike for two hours to get round it, I believe the yellow ones are cheaper than the green ones. You can cycle around the huge lake which is in the centre of the park and whilst cycling...

    0 by Hannah, 7 years ago
  • Victory Square

    Hi everyone! I am looking for two flatmates in an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, a big hallway and a great view. The landlord bought me new furniture when I moved in and said he will do the same for you. The location is great, in the center of the...

    0 by Cristiana, 7 years ago
  • K. H. Zambaccian Museum

    Outside of the program that you see in the photo, on the first Wednesday of every month, admission is free. (otherwise a ticket costs 7 Euro)  ' I gave people my collection of art, because the talents that I have met are of the people; they are his pride, otherwise I...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago
  • Palace of the Romanian Parliament

    1 May 2010: "doors open Day at the European Parliament. A free day for all Romanians and a tempting opportunity to know and this landmark in the history of our past and present! We hit the road on a sunny morning, which seems to announce a perfect day. We arrive in...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago
  • Mucin Mountains

    If I tell you I don't think I can build the real image, but you can imagine that these mountains were some towering volcanoes that have left behind an enormous granitic massif, on which water (rainfall, Frost, etc.) and the wind systematically crushed it. And how this...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago
  • Cișmigiu Gardens

    There is a beautiful park in the heart of Bucharest. A perfect place to relax, go for a walk and enjoy the sun and the vicinity of nature. If you live in a big city like Bucharest, sometimes it can be hard to find a place for running but this park with its exquisite...

    0 by Barbara, 8 years ago
  • Bucharest

    International Piano competition in Bucharest (Competitiors discovering the city : ) I played Lions International piano competition In 2007.After the competition me and other competitiors discovered the city. Sometimes we lost but it was very nice experience.Italian ,...

    0 by Tuna, 11 years ago

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