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Cișmigiu Gardens

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Pure nature in the center of the capital of Romania

Published by Barbara Heitner

There is a beautiful park in the heart of Bucharest. A perfect place to relax, go for a walk and enjoy the sun and the vicinity of nature. If you live in a big city like Bucharest, sometimes it can be hard to find a place for running but this park with its exquisite location right in the center gives you a good opportunity to live your active life; ) At least during my stay in the park I saw many runners, though the time and weather for running was not the most suitable.


There are also several facilities in the park. You can find fountain, restaurant, street fast foods, two artificial lakes, beautiful flowers and romantic paths here. It is a perfect place to make some picnic too. Oh and check out the bulky standing clock with the year 1459 written on it. It is the year when the city (Bucharest) was founded but the origin or the purpose of the clock is a bit misty for me...


Inside the park are also some small bars where you can enjoy in the middle of the green and serenity some coffee, ice-cream or any other drink.

Here can be also found busts of many Romanian personalities and after watching some of them I realised they belong to the greatest writers of Romania. Inside the park you can see two monuments in memory of the French and American soldiers who died in Romania during wars.


I personally really liked the benches they have here. Even if it may seem a bit forced to put the name of the city on each of them...


And if you are a "real" tourist you can rent a rowboat or pedalon and explore the artificial lakes in the center of the park. Moreover you can try to enter inside those big transparent bubbles (I don't know the name of them) or feed the ducks in the lakes, especially your small children would love to do that... Shortly saying: you won't be bored if you enter the park, I can assure you :)

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