A day at the Bucharest "Therme"...

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a special day at the Therme

The Bucharest Therme deserves a visit. They are easily reachable, from the center of the city, thanks to a special shuttle that leaves from Plaza Roman every day, except Saturday and Sunday. I was a bit unlucky, however, because searching on the internet, I had found a schedule of the shuttle timetable updated to last year, in which there were bus routes available even during the weekend, which unfortunately were suppressed, so I waited empty for more than an hour, deciding at the end to take a taxi that cost me 40 lei.

The Therme, are divided into three zones.

The Galaxy Zone, is recommended for families, with lots of slides, and swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, a wave pool, and pools with Jacuzzi, three Turkish baths, and hydro-massage beds (spectacular, absolutely to try), relaxation sun, play-station rooms, rooms where you can read books, restaurants, bars, and everything you could want. I went there, together with my son, and unfortunately access to the other two areas is not allowed to children under 16 years of age; so we only visited this area, but we were very satisfied anyway.

The other two areas are called: The Palm, a perfect place to relax in aromatherapy pools, and Jacuzzi, hidden among the palm trees; and Elysium, where you will find six different saunas, each with its own specific theme, three massage studios, panoramic pools and a beautiful restaurant.

The cost of the ticket varies between 60 and 100 lei, and depends on various factors. If you are a student, remember to bring a card that can attest to this, so that you can receive a discount. The nice thing is that the Therme are open until about midnight. They open every day at 8:00 a. m., but close at different times depending on the day, and the area.

I strongly recommend you to go there, also because they are considered the biggest recreation, wellness and entertainment centre in Central Europe.

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