El Grande Comandante

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Crazy parties in El Grande Comandante, Bucharest

Published by Radu Teo

El Grande Comandante is a crazy party-bar located in Bucharest, very close to the centre of the city, connected to the local transport. It offers several nights a week with great party music very well suited for dancing and having fun, very nice staff and a large offer of drinks. The atmoshpere created by the music and the interior organization of the bar create a perfectly good place for having

unforgettable nights together with friends, Erasmus students, or simply people you can meet there. I strongly recommend it!


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Published by Bianca Tatia


Great place for the best parties! One of the best places in Bucharest if you wanna have a great party with your friends or you wanna meet someone new. Most of the places in Bucharest's old town are the best, better than in other countries. I'm sure that who will come once, will really enjoy and have the best time! Have fun in the lovely Bucharest and party hard!

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