Eating like King Arthur or like a Milady

Translated by Mirabelle Ibalanky — 3 years ago

Original text by Ga VD

Excalibur is a typical medieval restaurant and not typically Romanian.

Before entering the restaurant, you go down a corridor with vintage draperies on the walls. Then you will find a small stone at the bottom where there's unfortunately no more sword to attempt to remove (Arthur must've passed by).

You push the gates and enter in a cave with gigantic wooden tables surrounded by chairs. There, we are greeted by waiters in authentic medieval attire.

You have menu options : excalibur sword, at the king's table, knight's great feast, king's plateau, supper for Milady, Sir Lancelot Supper...

Eating like King Arthur or like a Milady.

Me trying to get the sword out of the stone: mission accomplished! Since I have a lot of experience in this obstacle in the Fort Boyard Wii game, as you can imagine, it was easy!

Eating like King Arthur or like a Milady.

Yann and I tasting our dish: the excalibur sword!

It's a restaurant where we eat with our hands, without any cutlery. The dish is heavy, more expensive than in Romanian restaurants and as a gift, we were able to keep the wooden sword (it goes without saying that we fought in the street after eating...).

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