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  • Fabrica de bere bună

    Let’s go for a beer. Where? In Bucharest, Romania. Today I am going with a few of my friends to a brewery that serves local craft beer called “Fabrica de bere bună”.  Why we choose “Fabrica de bere bună”  instead of any other brewery? The beautiful story...

    0 by Șchiopu, 11 days ago
  • So!Coffee

    A coffee for the traveller  Bucharest, the european capital for cafes  There is an important aspect that you should know about Bucharest especially if you are a coffee lover and drinker: the city is the center of specialised coffee shop, after London ( UK ), according...

    0 by Șchiopu, 29 days ago
  • Surubelnita Club

    If you are looking for a place to hang out with the gang, come to Screwdriver Club. Here, you will find the best music, nice people, hammocks, sand and fun until the sun sunrise. There are many events with live music, folk or rock that make you feel like on the beach in...

    0 by Andreea, 5 years ago
  • Que Pasa

    I like the place because it has the music I listen to. Mostly rock - especially heavy and thrash metal. For me, in Que Pasa I heard a song my Megadeth playing in a bar. And I also been to other places that play rock music, so I guess the other ones didn't like Megadeth...

    0 by Iulian, 5 years ago

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