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    Osteria Pastina

    If you’re ever in the Lake Iseo area, and searching for somewhere to enjoy some authentic Lombard food, look no further than Osteria Pastina! Perched at the top of a mountain overlooking Sale Marasino, this extraordinary little restaurant is a bit of a hidden secret...

    by Madeline in Where to eat Brescia, 2 days ago
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    10 things to do in Berlin this summer!

    If someone asked to me name my top five favourite cities in Europe, Berlin would undoubtedly be one of them. I’ve only been twice, but both times I've come back raving about the place: its quirky architecture, its countless great food choices, and its wonderfully...

    0 by Madeline in Erasmus blog Berlin, 5 days ago
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    My experience teaching English in an Italian primary school!

    I’ve been working as an English language teaching assistant in an Italian scuola elementaria (primary school) for just over five weeks now, and have absolutely loved the experience so far! I never thought I’d enjoy teaching, but more often than not I find myself...

    0 by Madeline in Erasmus blog Italy, 7 days ago
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    Dune du Pilat

    Last summer, while working in a hostel in Bordeaux, I decided to make a trip to the Dune du Pilat, Europe’s tallest sand dune. It was an unforgettable day, and I would encourage anyone in the area to visit, too, if possible. In this article, I’ll go through...

    by Madeline in What to see Arcachon, 10 days ago
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    The best places to eat and drink in Bordeaux: my top 15 recommendations!

    Last summer, I spent a month working in a hostel in Bordeaux, and let me tell you, then and the times I've been back since, I went to as many bars, cafés and restaurants as my pitiful student bank balance would allow! Today, I’m going to tell you about just some of...

    0 by Madeline in Erasmus blog Bordeaux, 11 days ago
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    Brescia: a case for venturing off the beaten track!

    Venice, Rome, Naples… Countless are Italy's popular tourist destinations, and unsurprisingly so, given their rich culture and extraordinary beauty. However, with visitors to the country being spoilt for choice, it’s more than likely that lesser-known towns and...

    0 by Madeline in Erasmus blog Brescia, 14 days ago
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    Ten Hours in Toulouse

    Last September, while au pairing in the small French town of Pamiers, I decided to venture, on one of my days off, to nearby Toulouse. I left the house bright and early (at least by the standards of a nocturnal university student) and was strolling along the streets of...

    0 by Madeline in Erasmus blog Toulouse, 16 days ago
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    'Il rogo della vecchia': the cheat day of Lent!

    What comes to mind when you read the word ‘carnival’? Brightly-coloured costumes, perhaps, or throngs of masked merrymakers parading down streets strewn with confetti. Many will be familiar with such festivities, which take place each year just before Lent, but few,...

    0 by Madeline in General, 19 days ago

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