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The life in East-Germany

Published by flag- angelo laudiero — 4 years ago

If you are in Berlin, you can't miss a visit at the DDR museum, the spot where you can see a perfect reconstruction of life in East-Germany (DDR). Located really close to the Berlin Cathedral (Dom) and just five minutes walk from Alexander Platz. The museum perfectly shows how the life in DDR was with certain stuff from this time: books, football shirts, cars, products and homework; everything is meticulously preserved.

Inside the museum has been set up a prototype of an East-German flat: there's a living room, a kitchen and even a bathroom. The most interesting fact is, that right next to the living room, there is a black box, where you can go in. By doing so and putting on headphones, you can hear every single word people are talking in the living room. This model shall represent the regime in the DDR times, where you never knew if you had cameras or mikrophones installed in your home because you might be a "threat" to the Soviet system. It's the perfect reconstruction that makes you understand how difficult and hard the life in East Germany and in the whole Soviet block was.

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