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Greatest Indian food in Berlin

Published by flag-nl Tom Boerstra — 6 years ago

Dear you,

You might be familiar with the city of Berlin, Germany's capital. Generally, it's an amazing city, definitely one of my favourite cities, and in the city there is a restaurant: Amrit. It serves Indian food of the highest quality, and it's delicious! And not too expensive either!


I mostly have good experiences from this place, only 1 bad one. I had a curry (also vegetarian curries available) and it was delicious, but it was hot and it was spattering (? ) all over the place. You know little drops were flying, sadly kamikazed onto my brand new shirt. :'( Never forget.


Although, be not disheartened my friend! For this restaurant was lovely! In the winter, when it's cold outside, the Kreuzberg location has seats outside, covered by one of those plastic party tents, infrint of the restaurant, and the seats have blankets! There are also heaters and it's so fun and cute in that time!


I had a curry, the Kebab Curry I believe, it was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend you try Amrit and the curry! The staff is incredibly friendly, the hall is awesomely decorated and very romantic! The soft lighting, and the colour of the walls make you feel comfortable, in a way you almost hate to leave!


It's location is not too bad, and easily accessible with public transport! Mate, I swear, once I met a really nice Australian couple, whom I talked with the entire evening, because you can easily meet people in the cozy environment of Amrit!


Hope you will give it a try one day!


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