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Published by flag-dk Sharon Svarrer — 4 years ago

The first thing about this museum is the amazing discount for students. I purchased a two day Welcome to Berlin Pass with discounts as well so I got in quite cheap. Its a small museum with not so much traffic and in a beautiful part of the city. It explains in detail the events of the Berlin Wall accompanied by pictures, videos from survivors and much more. It also details the happenings of the cold war and the fall of the Berlin Wall. I have never in depth known so much about the story of the wall but as a history enthusiast this was a great journey. There is also a lovely restuarant next door called pirates with a lovely view and an amazing currywurst where you can rest and eat after walking around the area where the wall was. It is incredible to see how Berlin was before the wall, while it was set up, when it was in place and how Berlin was after the wall fell. I learned a lot more about the Berlin wall from this museum. I recommend getting off one stop earlier than google maps says and walking along the graffiti wall down to the museum, its a lovely walk

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