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The Wall

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Berlin Wall

Published by flag- Nicole B. — 6 years ago

Berlin Wall is a must see during a visit in Berlin as it is bears a lot of history with it, so you cannot miss it! The remains are located along the river and are covered with different artworks and graffiti, which partially represent the history of Berlin and became really famous over time.

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The most famous wall

Published by flag- angelo laudiero — 4 years ago

The wall is one of the places you "must" see if you are in Berlin. Built in 1961 to separate West Berlin from East Berlin, the wall was completely destroyed on Thursday 9th November 1989 by DDR citizens, after a series of protests in the whole soviet block, becoming a cold war symbol. Thousands of East Berlin citizens crossed the border, climbing onto the wall: that was the beginning of a new era not only for Berlin and Germany, but also for the whole Europe. After 28 years people of the same city could meet again. With the reunification of Germany, the collapse of URSS and the end of the cold war, the wall was turned into an open-air art gallery since many artists, coming from all over the world, wanted to paint graffiti along the 2 km remained. Don't miss it!

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