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The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

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The Brandenburg Gate

Translated by flag-gb Beth Taylor — 5 years ago

Original text by flag-es Laura Castellanos

It is possibly one of the most iconic places in Berlin and the place that first comes to everyone's mind when you mention Germany or Berlin. The monument has definitely lived through a lot of chapters in Germany history. I'm going to talk about two of the most well-known times.

Only nobility and kings were allowed to pass through the gates, until Napoleon arrived in Berlin, saw the gate and didn't think twice about walking straight through the middle, causing quite a scandal at that time.


Another event witnessed by the gate was when the Berlin Wall was built, but something that not many people know is that the gate remained on neutral ground for 28 years, as it was between the two walls.

It's next to the Parliament and the Holocaust memorial or the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (it's 5 minutes walk away) and you can walk there from Alexanderplatz following the Cathedral street (in about 30 minutes). If you want to get there by train, the station is called Brandenburger Tor and if you want to go by metro the station it is Friedrichstraße (about 10 minutes away from the gate).


The building in the next photo is the most expensive hotel in Berlin where many famous artists have stayed. For example, it was here that Michael Jackson held his son out of the window to show him to his fans.


It's a very beautiful place during the day as well as at night and dusk there is especially good, because the sun goes down behind the gate, although this can make taking good photos more difficult. I recommend to go day and night time.

I'll put some photos in and the link to a video that I made about Berlin.


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