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Checkpoint Charlie

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Checkpoint Charlie

Translated by flag-gb Beth Pearson — 7 years ago

Original text by flag-es Maika Cano Martínez

The Checkpoint Charlie is an attraction found in Berlin. it isn't important for it's beauty, nor for it's lacking of, but it owes it's fame to being an important spot of recent history of the German city.

The Checkpoint Charlie was the Berlin's wall most important crossing which it had during the separation of Berlin from the American and Soviet sides, which lasted until the end of the second World War and the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Although this part was also destroyed, they have reconstructed the control booth, due to the importance that it had.

Checkpoint Charlie

In 1961 there was a great confrontation which ended up with ten army tanks at each side of the checkpoint. However, in the end nothing happened, despite them anticipating the worst. At the Checkpoint Charlie, people were assassinated for attempting to cross the line.

In the zone, you can see a control booth with two guards, guarding the site and a pile of stacked sacks. Beyond the booth, there is a post with two largely sized photos of two soldiers (the American soldier is looking at what was the Soviet side and the Soviet soldier, at the American). Another large sign on the side walk informs you that you are leaving the American sector and that you are entering the American sector (depending on which side you are looking from) in English, French, German and other languages that I don't recognise.

("You are entering the American sector carrying weapons off duty forbidden obey traffic rules" and "You are leaving the American sector").

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

When I saw it, it gave me a certain feeling. It was like I couldn't believe that this happened just a few decades ago whilst around the attraction people passed by as if it was nothing, just getting on with their daily lives. This is what I like about Berlin. Many parts of the city are practically history, be it of the 2nd World War or of the separation of Berlin and still hold themselves very much to this day, whilst the citizens get on with their normal lives in the background. You can also see the great development of the city in just a few years despite it's practical destruction in the 2nd World War.

The Checkpoint Charlie Museum is also found near to the reconstruction. However, we didn't go as we didn't have much time and preferred to visit the Topography of Terror (another museum).

You can get to this attraction by metro. The line is the U6 and the stop is called “U Kochstr. /Checkpoint”.

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The point to know history- Checkpoint Charlie

Published by flag-in Kriya Vij — 4 years ago

People around the world know something or the other about Germany's history. Much of that history has taken place through significant events/sites in Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie is a small checkpoint with an immense significance. It attracts a huge number of tourists as it is one of Berlin's top visited spots.

Here is some information about Checkpoint Charlie.


Checkpoint Charlie Today : 2 people dressed up as soldiers stand in front of the Checkpoint Charlie to make it realistic and entertaining.


Without knowing its history, Checkpoint Charlie may not be nearly as significant to you as it should be. In fact, you might just walk past it. However, this checkpoint was one of the most important crossing points between East Germany and West Germany. Millions of East Germans would risk their lives to illegally cross into West Germany. Some areas were particularly sensitive and to avoid emigration and to keep a check on crossings, many border crossings were formed along the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie was one of them.

Due to the stress between the different authorities of the different parts of Germany, a lot of civilians lost their lives. The most noted name among those is that of a teenager - Peter Fechter. US and the Soviet even had a massive standoff at Checkpoint Charlie.

Location and how to reach

Like almost all significant structures and spots of Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie is located in the central region of Berlin which is known as Mitte. Friedrichstraße, precisely is the area where this famous crossing is located. It is around 20 minutes by foot to the iconic Brandenburg gate. It is also right next to Checkpoint Charlie Museum (known as Haus am Checkpoint Charlie or Mauermuseum in German).

Station Stadtmitte of the U-Bahn line 2 can be used to reach Checkpoint Charlie as it is just 6 minutes by foot from there. Also, you can reach via bus lines for example bus number M29 (Kochstraße stop just 1 minute by foot from Checkpoint Charlie).


Checkpoint Charlie today as a tourist spot


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