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Siegessäule Berlin

Published by flag- Nicole B. — 4 years ago

The Siegesäule in Berlin is a typical landmark for the city and is not far from 'Brandenburger Tor'. It is reachable through tunnels in the ground and is surrounded by a massive roundabout. The Siegessäule does not only offer a view point over the city, but also includes a small museum. This can be visited with a little amount of money, even student discounts are offered.

After one passes the museum with the history of the sight and Berlin, one can enter the first stage of the sight having a nice view over the area. However, it is also possible to walk up to the top of the Siegessäule. The way up is very long and includes many many stairs, making it quite exhausting. This is also due to the small size of the stairs.

Nevertheless, once up one can see and overlook the city of Berlin. Hereby, it is possible to view it from every sight as one can go round and enjoy the view from each angle.

Siegessäule Berlin

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