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Zapata nightclub (Berlin)

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An unusual way to party

Published by flag-es Patricia Street — 5 years ago

I heard you can eat and take coffee in this place, I didn't really know it because I went there on my first night out in Berlin to find out how the party looked like.

I gave 4 stars to this place because in my opinion it is unique although I gotta admit when I first came in, I was a bit scared. It is full of graffiti and I found the environment too weird and sometimes grim.

Warning: It is not a place for fancy or posh people.

The venue is an old building which has been hosted by squatters. The prices in a city as expensive as it is Berlin, are pretty good.

They have good beer (of course Germany always does) and the music is really good if you like rock. Don't be afraid of the fire that comes out from a weird thing to illuminate the room! It is just part of the strangeness in the environment.

If you like commercial music, this is not the place to go, but if you want to experience a new way to party and see a bunch of drunk people having fun, try it! Just one night can't hurt.

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