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Ceske Budejovice
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Ceske Budejovice
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  • Blog

    Eat something new every day: a sweet part!

    Eat something new every day: a sweet part! I am sure that there are many activities you will try for the first time when being in Madeira. But have you ever wondered that you could also eat something new every day? I mean, if you are an Easmus student, then probably not...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 3 days ago
  • Blog

    Prepare your suitcase - part one

    Get ready for your Erasmus! Prepare your suitcase – part one Hello future Erasmus students, their families and friends. Well, your Erasmus student mobility or Erasmus Traineeship is just around the corner, right? First of all, congratulations for taking courage and...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 8 days ago
  • Blog

    Ponta de Sao Lourenco - my experience

    Ponta de Sao Lourenco - How difficult is it to hike it? It has been a few days since I wrote an article about some general information for you when planning on your trip to the eastern-most point of Madeira island. In that article, I promised to bring you a new one...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 10 days ago
  • Blog

    What to do in Funchal for Free - part three

    What to do in Funchal for free – part three Welcome to Funchal, the capital of Madeira island, again. In the previous articles about Funchal we visited Fortaleza de Sao Tiago, the main market Mercado dos Lavradores and we finished in Praca do Munícipo where many...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 11 days ago
  • Blog

    Being alone on my first Erasmus birthday

    Do Erasmus and meet celebrate! In this article I am going to share my stories from different Erasmus stays which I did in the past. To let you understand more, I am going to describe a bit now why you probably want to be an Erasmus student and go abroad in general. Of...

    0 by Iva in General, 12 days ago
  • Experience

    Would you dare live with "cucaracha"?

    Some unwanted flatmates! Hello again! It has been a while since writing the last article. The reason is that I have been living some extra Guatemalan adventures – I climbed a volcano where I could stand approximately two metres far from flowing lava (which was an...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus experiences Alicante, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    What to do in Funchal for free – part two

    Do you want to explore Funchal for free? Let us have a look at part two of this series! Welcome to the capital city of the island – Funchal. We have already discovered some beautiful places in Funchal which are more popular or less popular among travellers through the...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus blog Funchal, 22 days ago
  • Blog

    Sao Lourenco - get ready for the trip

    The most eastern point of Madeira - Ponta de Sao Lourenco As might have already read in my blog about Madeira, the island is very small, so it does not take that much time to go around the whole island. Many people like to visit some specific points like the most...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 23 days ago
  • Experience

    Adventures in my accommodation - Valencia, Spain

    My accommodation experience in Valencia, Spain As I have already described how to find accommodation in Andalucía – South of Spain – I would like to share some stories about my accommodation in Valencia – eastern part of Spain. How did I find a flat? I decided to...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus experiences Valencia, 24 days ago
  • Blog

    What to do in Funchal for free – part one

    What to do in Funchal (for free) No matter if you are or not an Erasmus student, when going to Madeira, you should definitely visit even its capital Funchal. Do not expect a large city, as its size is selfsame like the rest of the island. When you will be arriving from...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus blog Funchal, 25 days ago
  • Experience

    My first Erasmus accommodation - Granada, Spain

    Where to live? Going for Erasmus means in many cases to leave parents‘ house for a longer period of time for the first time. Or maybe, you have already left your parents house when moving to a high-school or university dormitories. If none of these, you might have...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus experiences Granada, 26 days ago
  • Blog

    A jeep tour which I (almost) missed

    Exploring Madeira by jeep That was just my first fortnight in Madeira but there were so many new things to see, taste, visit and do! And so I obtained my first off-road jeep experience! Why a jeep tour? Madeira is a lovely island which many travellers put on their...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 27 days ago
  • Blog

    Nature Festival: Scuba diving with a shark

    Scuba diving with a shark and rays in Madeira? Yes! Have you ever scuba dove? And have you ever done scuba diving in an aquarium? I arrived in Madeira for my new Erasmus+ experience in the middle of September 2018 and straight at the beginning of October I got a chance...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 28 days ago
  • Blog

    Nature festival - discover Madeira through different activities

    Discover Madeira through different activities – Nature Festival Madeira is a small island, in fact if you have got a car you can get from one coastline to another within two hours, more or less. So when you have a look at a map and see the actual size of Madeira, you...

    0 by Iva in Erasmus tips, 29 days ago

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