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Peñón del Cuervo

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A day at Peñón del Cuervo: Beach and Barbecue

Translated by Holly Probyn — one month ago

Original text by Arianna Viozzi

The Peñón del Cuervo beach takes its name from the rock which is situated in the sea (which is indeed called Peñón del Cuervo), and it's about six kilometres from the centre of Malaga, just after the beach El Palo.


It's a tranquil place and away from the residential area. The beach is free and quite small, but really pretty. It's not a very well-known tourist place and perhaps it's a little difficult to get there, but really, you can easily get there by car (there's a car park next to the beach) or by catching the number 11 bus from the centre of Malaga, in direction El Palo. After getting off the bus, at the last stop, you have to walk along a really nice path looking over the sea, until you get to the beach area. If you get the bus from Alameda Principal, it takes around 30 minutes, or less, depending on your journey :D.


(In this picture, we're on our way back but along the same path).

The peculiar thing about this beach is that it's equipped with tables and barbecue grills so you can eat there during the day or at night. I have been to the Peñón del Cuervo a few times, in summer and in winter, and in both seasons you can appreciate the beauty of this place.


For example, for my 21st birthday (which is in December), I went there with some friends to spend the day and to eat paella which we had prepared on the barbecue (well, which the others had prepared... the photo doesn't lie), to go for a walk and to "climb" the rock. In summer, it's the same, the only difference is that after eating, you can go in the sea for a swim without running the risk of dying from the cold :D


And this is how the paella on the barbecue turned out at the Peñón del Cuervo!

If you want to know how I make it, here's the recipe for my special paella: Vegan Paella!

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