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Costa del Sol

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Costa del Sol: Our Primavera

Published by Spencer Boyd — 5 years ago

So last weekend we flew by the seat of our pants and headed to south to Málaga, Spain. We did not have much time for planning, but we accomplished a lot in less than 72 hours. How did we do it, you ask?

I recommend a company like this one above, if you find yourself heading down to the south of Spain. By renting a car, we saw much more than we ever would have seen. It’s a whole new perspective on traveling. We did our research and as expected, if you go through one of the national companies: Hertz, Enterprise, etc. you’re going to pay a pretty penny. Thankfully, we found a local company that treated us great. Nine euros a day kind of great.

And so we were off. We pinpointed three distinct locations along the coast that we did not want to miss.



Known for its interesting location in the south of Spain, but being owned by the United Kingdom, it’s like a whole new world (Yes, I know Disney’s Aladdin is now stuck in your head). Once you cross the border from "La Línea", you can get your incredibly overpriced fish and chips, see some cliché changing of the guard. However, we weren’t interested any of that. We came to see some damn monkeys on a rock.


The rock of Gibraltar is, Gibraltar. It makes up all of this little portion of the United Kingdom, and it has its inhabitants, macaques. The only monkey of any kind on continental Europe. They were cute, crazy and would bite.



If you love hurricane type gusts and winds up to 30 miles per hour, come on down to the southern most farthest point of continental Europe, Tarifa. Here, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find your kite-surfers and wind-sailors a plenty. Probably my favorite part of the weekend was the chance to see these guys in action.


I want to learn, but I don’t want to live in a place that is as windy as Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica. Exaggeration? Completely. Necessary? Yes.



Marbella… Where you’ll find an all-white old towns (gorgeous). Hopping in to this town, we thought it would be the Hampton of Spain. And in some instances, it was. So while I couldn’t afford to live here, ever, it was a nice excursion to the south and back home.

While this blog briefly shows a description of everywhere we went, I feel that my video with the GoPro and Coldplay give it the justice for which deserves.

Have you ever taken a road trip across country? Have you been to Spain? Are you planning an adventure soon?

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