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Fuengirola, a tourist paradise

Translated by Holly Probyn — one year ago

Original text by Iñaki Ruiz Postigo

It's a city in Andalusia, situated in the province of Malaga. This town has a history based on fishing, and the market from the first conquerors of the peninsula.

In terms of culture, you can visit a wide variety of places, from parks, squares and monuments, to the Sohail Castle which you can access to get the widest view of the city. You can also find areas where there are Roman ruins along with a detailed description of what they were like and how they were discovered.

If history bores you and what you're looking for is a good nightlife, you're in luck because this place has many pubs and clubs to suit everyone, ranging from the more 'middle-aged' scene, to the 'foreigners' area where the parties are crazy! :D

Food and drink prices are good, and its location right on the coast gives this town a touristic value which is difficult to match.

Fuengirola is visited every year by thousands of foreigners who come to work, study or simply have the best time on holiday. Regarding the boys and girls, there's someone for everyone, if you're interested in that.

Apart from what I've previously mentioned, Fuengirola has 2 unique schools in the whole of Spain. A Swedish secondary and sixth form school and another Finnish school where hundreds of new students enrol every year.

In terms of the climate, it's something to be jealous of because the heat and the good weather is around for most of the year.

For nature lovers, less than 10km from the town, there's a mountain range full of hiking routes, the widest flora and fauna, and breath-taking views.

If you don't have any plans for next summer, look no further, come to Fuengirola as I can assure you that you won't regret it!; )

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